Combat Love Upon Every Dream

Every dream is a circle of life, a way of finding yourself, a way of finding love. You disappear for ages within the shadow hills. You disappear in a winded mill.
Combat love in every circle, combat love as your hearts pure and genuine within itself. Don’t lure the ghost the has haunt you out, don’t lure the spirit that spat you like a thousand bricks. Every feeling is a living master piece, every space is a capacity.
Why chase love if your heart breaks upon the road itself, why chase life if living doesn’t take its choice. You must breathe the air, that has spat you down, you have the master the wind that has spun you, as if you weren’t there.
Every dream has an opportunity of growth and knowledge, every dream has an opportunity of love and happiness. Faith happens for a reason, faith happens as we see the truth within ourselves.
Can we combat the love that has torn us down? Can we combat the love that has pull us apart? You must innovate your mind, you must block the air of negative beams.
We combat dreams as to hear ourselves, we combat dreams as to win our intuition. We combat dreams as to love our minds and never be banish upon the Danish dirt.
You must free your soul from the wicked chain, you must free your voice from the fear of not finding love upon inner beings.
Studio hills of innovation and passion, artistic twist of live action. We must show life, we Aint afraid to make a choice. We must show life, we Aint afraid to spring on stage and let our bodies take control.
Be a free spirit and twist that apron upon closed doors. Enter the world of a wicked hill, enter the world of a master piece of love. Every soul deserves a chance, every soul deserves to fight and never back down from a hollow challenge.
Can we play both roles and still fight?
A hearted question lies beneath each answer, fight the enemy that has torn you down, fight the quest that has pulled you apart. A chance is a chance, if we fight to survive, a chance is a chance if we fight to live.
Live the soul that has given you hope, live the soul that given you courage, live the soul that has driven your love upon time and space.
Dreams are a dream if we take control of what we see. Dreams are a dream if we live the moment as a lasting peace.
Within each phrase “Every Artist Deserves A Spotlight”
Make it real and never forget
Always & Forever Love
Charm Rose Brand

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