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World of Talent

The Music Industry

The world industry, a dramatic stage, a living moment, a dream that’s unspeakable to the world itself. As a musician, we form our voice as to succeed, and always challenge ourselves as to never give up.

The greatest gift about being a musician, never allowing life to break your barriers. Never allowing the despise of competition to break who you are.

Within the Music Industry, we must develop a mindset, we must develop a sense of intelligence within the rhythmic soul.

That’s what the world of talent represents

Always achieve, never forget

As an Artist, you will face many challenges and opportunities within the Music Industry. Some element would include studio, preparations, training, experience, product development, and others.

But the greatest development as an artist always invests in yourself.

Stop Thinking about Money

Stop Thinking about Enemies

Stop Thinking about Negativity

God gave you a gift, God gave you a chance to find a better light.

Do you think it’s easy to break into the Music Industry?

The Music Industry is a competitive field and a tough market. The sense of money becomes their main target, as well as product development, and marketing within an artist.

As an artist, you have to focus on your brand, and where you wanna go. You have to focus on your style, and what message would you wanna bring out to the world. You have to take control, and give yourself credit for making something a bit more artistic within an album.

You have the knowledge, You have the skills, You have the experience. That’s the greatest part about developing your musical skills, always enhance what makes you unique, and voraciously amazing.

Forget about the pressure, Forget about the stress, Forget about the fear.

When you leap into that stage, don’t allow fear to diminish you. Don’t allow words to frighten you. Move across that stage, move your body as if it were your last moment.

A great example would include the movie “Footloose” and “Dirty Dancing”

The greatest example within the movie Footloose and Dirty Dancing

Blasting the music, and just hitting the stage. Dancing Infront of a crowd, dancing Infront of a car. These two movies represent a wide generation within the style of music.

If you are a 90s kid, you probably recognized these types of artist: Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Salt and Peppa, TLC, and others.

So what do they have in common?

They all have a passion for music, they all work hard and showed their potential. But most importantly, they challenge themselves and became a hit wonder.

As a musician, we must follow our hearts, and never forget what’s ahead. Its all about duration within every risk. But sometimes, risk can be a good thing, it allows you to open your mind and create something different.

In life, you have to be creative, and stand out from the world itself. Why would you want to create the same content? Why would you want to be like somebody else?

Within the Music Industry, you have to find your brand, you have to find your own style. You have to create your own lyrics and instrumental beat.

Discovering yourself along the way, that’s the greatest key.

Within my direction, I never had any experience within the Music Industry. But each day, I live and breathe music as a gift. But each day, I live and learn the essentials as a progression.

We all have to learn something, and never forget the real value of discovering your potential.

As a child, I develop myself from a young age, and self-taught myself the essentials within the Music Industry. Some topics would include: Music Theory, Music Production, Singing, Dancing, Artistic Contribution, and others.

I would audition for shows, open mics, talent shows, and others. But nobody ever believed in me, they never believed I had what it took.

Laugh in my face, and walk away.

But even though, I had people who manipulated me within feelings, and passion. I never gave up and kept pushing. I always believed in breaking barriers, and just taking a risk. I always believed in combating the greatest dreams.

As an artist, don’t go down the same path I did. At 28 years old, I’m restarting my life and pursuing my dreams. But I’m not gonna give up, I’m gonna keep pushing now.

Take action, and live your dreams. It doesn’t matter what age you are, It doesn’t matter what level you are. But as an artist, you have to listen to your own heart, and follow the greatest voice.

Listen to your voice, and the doors will finally open.

Within the World of Music.

Challenge Section

As a mission, I challenge you to write a song and think about a positive message. Think about the meaning, think about the inspiration, and how it would apply within your own life story.

Perform the song, and even email it to me at

If you want feedback, I would be glad to listen to it and email you back my response.

The key lessons I would advise as a musician

Keep a commitment towards your skills, knowledge, and education.

Gain experience within the Music Industry.

Network and develop a portfolio

Prepare and craft your skills within the stage itself.

Learn an instrument, and practice every day.


Battle your strength, and you will combat the artist within you. Battle your desire, and you will combat the voice that strives within you.

Fear Combat

Strive the fear that’s within you, Strive the desire to find light and showcase the greatest key. Everybody fears that one moment, Everybody fears that one wish.

But everybody fears what comes ahead.

Within the Music Industry, don’t be afraid and lose your grip. Just keep going, Just keep taking action. Never fear the strength, never fear the glory.

A dream is a dream if you make it happen. A dream is a dream if you make it possible.

World of Music is all about finding yourself.

Leap of Faith

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