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Music Spotlight #1

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“Every Beat is a sonographic rhythm, that shower’s our skin with glory”

Ladies & Gentlemen

An African American Singer and Songwriter



Story of HAAWW’S

The story is an inspired format, the music is banging upon every step, beat, and measure.

HAAWWS is an inspiring Singer/Songwriter

He grew up within the center of a beat upon music and its scenery. As a child, he knew exactly what he wanted to be, he knew exactly where he wanted to go.

The world view was more of an adventure and a built-in story upon his views within the music.

As a child, he started playing drums and got caught up within the studio. He dances moreso stepping.

Any opportunity within music became a gateway of what’s next. An opportunity to rap, an opportunity to show the world who you are as an artist.

He broke out and took a risk upon a brighter future. He never stops believing in his music. He never stops believing in his ability to take a leap of faith.

Since the budget was tight, affording a session became a challenge. So, he took advantage of using his skills as a marketing effect. During school, he freestyled within the cafeteria as a rapper and an artist.

People became his following; people applauded his work. He was the artist of the century within skills, movement, and a fine coordination.

By the time he was able to afford a session, he was able to rap a couple of songs.

“Flava In Your Ear” by Craig Mack

“Quiet Storm” by Mobb Deep

Writing, and composing lyrics became his calling within the scene of music.

Music Evolution

Album – Colors

Song “Dancehall”


The Song Dancehall, an upbeat movement, a rhythmic effect, and a body shaking within the night scene.

The Song “Dancehall” is an inspiration and movement within the Caribbean Culture, a wide impact within the greater Boston area upon music, and the nightlife era. Within the song, he uses the cultures within his life to create a better effect within the music scene.

HAAWWS uses the culture and sound within the song “Dancehall”

Contribution of Artist

Boston natives Star Gyal & Official Y.D.A.

My Feedback

The song has a great beat within its style and shows the passion as a musician within an African movement. I love everything about this song, and I would recommend it.



Within the website

HAAWWS introduces his biography, his music, and his history

If you would love to know more

Check out his works



What is your life story within music and how did you evolve as an artist?

I started music at a very young age playing the drums, frequenting different dance studios, being engulfed in the music scene. From family in the business to just being a fan, I’ve always had an inclination that id do music, but I never knew for sure this is what I wanted to do until around 2015. It still wasn’t until

2017 that I started to jump into the recording process. Before then I would frequent different studios, trying to get a session whenever I could with the little budget I had. But nothing good would ever come of it. It took me time to really develop my skills from just freestyling in the lunchroom to being able to deliver properly in the booth. It’s funny, I remember one of my first sessions with my partner Jeff I rapped over 2 classic instrumentals “Flava In Ya Ear” by Craig Mack Rest in Peace, and the go-to for any freestyle session “Quiet Storm” by Mobb Deep. Neither tracks were good lol. I also met Leo (@leomixedit) that day, and even though sonically it didn’t turn out how I imagined, I never gave up on the dream of getting back in and making something new and fresh. Running into obstacles like having very little to no money for studio time, or even a ride to the studio. For months to a year, I would wait and imagine what we’d call a “big homie” or “OG” to be like “yeah I F**k with you, come to my studio lets work” and unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Not here in Boston. I’m very appreciative of that struggle to find a creative space because it allowed me to obtain some very valuable information and relationships along the way.

What inspired you as an artist?

The freedom to express how I feel unapologetically is what inspires me, the creative process, the long nights in the studio, the ups, and downs that come with being independent. The constant denial and approval you receive from family and friends. The fact connects with people across the globe. The struggle to get people to understand why it is you do what you do and how you do it.

What advice do you have for another artist?

Be your true self in all forms, it translates better. I realized that people have always took a liking to me for always being in my rawest form, from good to bad, they always knew I was authentic and that they weren’t going to get any more or less. “Stop Trying To Be GOD” lol as out there as it might sound, I know people who are artists and try to play savior to their friends by trying to get them to be onboard or understanding of what they (the artist) are/is trying to accomplish. It’s always the closest to us that never understands. They’re never going to understand! It’s art! No one really does, we just say we do. It’s on us as artists to take control over our destiny and design our paths how we want. Friends not feeling it. Branch out! Because someone out there will. 7.4 billion people on this earth, streaming lets you touch them all. Doesn’t mean I condone everything being created these days if its trash leaves it on the hard drive lol. It’s up to us to choose our narratives.

Charms Words

Every artist has a chance to shine, and to follow their passion along the way. The greatest impact we can obtain is to never give up on our dreams, nor our ambition. Every artist has a mission, every artist has a path.

HAAWWS work hard for his dream and embrace the culture within himself. Rise up and let your voice be heard.

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