Transformation Period, Battling The Worst, Towards My Bright Future


This story is a transformative period between my bad memories leading me towards good changing opportunities that made me a stronger woman.

I write the story to inspire an artist to never stop believing in their dreams and to aspire themselves to be greater than what life expects. I went through a rough road, but sometimes situations can disrupt our path. This is only part of the story, but I plan to write a book that illustrates my life within the process. I plan to illustrate a book that gives people a perspective of who Charm Rose Brand, how she combatted situations, and how she used her experience to step out of the darkness and find a better chapter that’s more bright. All of that will be indicated in the book I am writing.


Every woman deserves to dream,

Every woman deserves to explore.

I don’t hide behind a bucket of tears, I don’t hide behind a bucket of misery.

But in life, we only have one chance to explore ourselves, to explore our potential and not be diminished by what people think.

I transform my image for a reason, I transform my purpose for a message.

Dealing with depression, and hits of the tragedy was a dark world that traumatized me along the way.

I couldn’t think, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t feel anything.

I couldn’t imagine life as a one-stop dream, I couldn’t imagine memories as a gift.

I’m not gonna hide behind a face of beauty, and not understand myself.

For 10 years, I was lost, I was devastated, and given open wounds that I couldn’t handle.

So, I shaved my hair for a reason, so I shaved my hair for a purpose.

Within society, my hair became the target and attention.

Every time I wanted to speak; nobody would listen.

Every time I wanted to spend time; nobody would care.

I kept thinking of what I did, to be left in the shadows.

I was bullied and humiliated. I didn’t feel like a group of people who I believed were my friends would ever care about the person I am becoming. I was a target of a vicious and childish game of torture within the friendship.

Within this period, I cried and distance myself from the world I was living in. I lock myself in my room for a couple of months and didn’t want to be around anybody. I had a dark web within my guts, I had a dark web within my heart. All I thought about was thinking about what I could do to win this war. I didn’t want those groups of people in my life, I didn’t want those groups of people to ever be part of who I am.

So, the best solution was to walk away and discover my identity. I went through so many emotions, I went through so many hours of being painfully heartbroken.

Last year in 2018 became the most horrific moment of my life. I was being targeted upon my condition; I was being mock in Infront of students. I was being called out by ex-friends who didn’t love me as a person. Within the period, I almost attempted suicide and went into a deep depression that almost ended my life. Even though, I battled 6 health problems that were not easy within my own life.

Within my depression, I was nothing. I didn’t feel beautiful and felt damaged with all the hairs that reminded me of what happened. I couldn’t look in the mirror and see the woman in Infront of me. I couldn’t focus on my job, nor myself. Because all I thought about was the events that made me breakdown to the floor and cry.

When I would come to school, I felt like the whole world was against me. I couldn’t focus on the books; I couldn’t focus on my education. I couldn’t focus on anything than thinking about those people who led me to that point.

My friends and family would remind me of how beautiful I am. But I didn’t see it.

Within the back of mind, I kept thinking about


I will never forget what happened, I will never forget what type of pain I experience. But what I do know is that I’m learning how to combat the dark forces and find a light at the end of the tunnel.

As a moment of happiness, attending the Jonas Brothers Concert in 2019 was the most loving experience of my life as a human. Watching my childhood idols and being able to gain love within an audience.

This became a fanatic moment.

In 2019, I met somebody, and I knew in my heart that he could be the one. But the events and situations were too much to handle. Because I got humiliated again by another party that wanted to put my public information online.

I may be crazy to write this, I may be weird upon revealing the truth. But I was physically and emotionally damaged. I was heartbroken and made a fool by people I trust.

Transforming my life became a changing point to erase the past and step into the future. It became a moment to find happiness. Many events led me to the reason for shaving my hair, many events led me to the reason for shaving my past.

When the barber shaved my hair, all those horrific memories were disappearing. All those horrific memories were vanishing in total sympathy.

The minute I viewed myself in the mirror, I felt empowered and brave to combat what was tearing me down. I felt a boost of energy, I felt a boost of love.

Shaving my hair allowed me to be confident within my skin. Shaving my hair allowed me to rethink my future towards a new direction.

Even though I battled the worst, this transformation saved me from a world I was about to enter and never crawl out.

Many times, I thank god for a solution, many times I thank god for giving me my wings to fight and be brave.

Many times, I thank god for spurring the haters away.

I can follow my dreams; I can follow my purpose and determination.

I don’t need to be afraid of the world, I don’t need to be afraid of love.

Shaving my hair, attending a childhood concert, leaving the job that wasn’t my point of happiness, ending friendships with toxic people, battling 6 conditions that are a struggling, surviving situation of death within my memories, battling 10 years of trauma and trying to breakthrough.

So much has happened within my life, I can’t imagine.

But the benefits

Attending a community college and graduating with my Liberal Arts Associates, attending a University and working towards graduating in 2021 with my degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Working hard towards getting into my dream school and following a plan to get my Music Business Bachelors and Masters. Working hard to work with Sony’s Music Entertainment, Warner’s Brothers Music, or Live Nation.

Working hard towards expanding my Brand and working on developing two companies within the world of music. Working on developing a line of books within Music and Textbooks.

Working towards gaining a career as an Artist Management and Administrative Assistant. Maybe someday, share a life with somebody and start a family.

Inspiring artists to follow their dreams and developing their potential. That’s my field of passion, I take steps to discover myself. Because I want to be a leader for other people. I want to be an influencer and be able to develop a world of music that has much respect within the community.

I tell my story for a reason, I don’t wanna hide who I am as a creative entrepreneur. I don’t want to hide who I am as an artist. Telling my story is a big step, Telling my story is a big turning point.

But I hope this story shows people a true potential side of Charm Rose Brand and what she had to do to find her true identity within the music.

I never want to allow my past to disrupt my passion for the artist and their movement. I want my life to be a legacy within the music.



As a woman, I have big dreams and a big focus upon where I wanna be. Shaving my head was a turning point and I love everything about this experience. I don’t understand why these bad events happened. But within those 10 years, good things happen as well. I don’t regret my success. But I do regret upon allowing those groups of people to bring me down.

But I win the war, I win the gain of experiencing life from another view.

This is my story and I am a brave woman for starting a new chapter of my life.

Charm Rose Brand