My Lifetime Goal in Life ❤

I have many goals, and many things I wanna achieve.  I have many desire as to achieve great things. I am brave, I am beautiful,  I am unique.

I am a creative person,  I love connecting with people.  I love understanding their personality,  and aspect.

I am not the normal typical human. I love thinking outside the box, and exploring my potential.

Yes I can be crazy, I can be strange, I can be a lunatic 🤣

But my heart is a blessing, and a spirit that I cant control.

What do I want in life and to achieve my dreams

● I want to own a company as to develop artist, and train them.

● I want to become an Administrative assistant and learn the business

● I want to work in Artist Management and work with the Music Industry

●I want to earn my Umass Lowell Bachelors in Business Management

● I want to earn my Administrative assistant Diploma online

● I want to Berklee College of Music and get my degree in Music Business

● I want to own my own house and start a family with a creative and loving future partner

● I want to become a publish Author and publish many creative books within the Music Business and Charm books

● I want to build a creative legacy and build a successful following

● I want to inspire a community of musicians and connect

● I want to work with a Music Industry Corporation

● But most importantly, I want to make somebody happy and loved for the rest of their life. If I ever have kids in the future, I want them to recognize the inspiring person their parents are in life.

I may be crazy, but I’m crazy inlove with my life, and my direction