#1 A Creative Experience In The World of Charm

A Creative Experience in the World of Charm

For a longtime I became invisible and scared of what the world might bring. I went through the toughest moments in life, and many things that became a battle. I am passionate for the Music Industry, and a true love upon the productive field. But in real life, I face many challenges that make life impossible daily.

I am a strong person in life, but I have the blood of a warrior. I disappeared for a main reason.

In my life, I needed to battle what has been attacking me for so long. I needed to battle the people who been bringing a negative shadow upon my life.

I am surrounded by love, and many people that understand me as a person. As well as a human.

As a creative entrepreneur, I work hard on Charmrosebrand.com as to display an empowerment within the creative field. I build a development company behind closed doors as to someday bring out my vision to life. I do not talk about my company, because I have an idea that has never really been invented. But different upon what the world has today. I do not talk about company, because I am protective over my vision. Someday, I will release the vision and the approach of what I am doing. But I am passionate over the idea, and I want to release it when the time is right.

What is the update at this point?

Right now, I attend Umass as a student working within graduating next year with a bachelor’s in business management and Entrepreneurship. I study through Pennfoster.edu as to get my certification in Administrative Assistant. I gained the opportunity to enroll in a Music Business Class and learn the essentials of the Music Industry. I networked with legit professionals within the fields and gained wisdom from people who work and perform within the Music Industry.

After I graduate Umass, I plan on returning back to get my Bachelors in Music Business.

My decision is to either apply to Umass or Berklee College of Music. I am also planning on enrolling in an Artist Management program as to understand the field.

As well as work hard to someday land a job within The Music Industry after I get my Music Bachelors.

I officially have a job at CVS where I work Full Time as a shift supervisor within the front store. I love working with my team and being able to work with customer. I love giving customers the best experience and being productive within the floor.

Being productive and living with life threatening health problems is a challenge. But I sacrifice my life as to deliver a better vision for this world. I sacrifice my own gift just to deliver a brighter path as to change people’s lives.

At 30 years old, I am relearning the instruments, the essentials of the Music Industry, Artist Management, and Administrative Assistant. I am retraining my memory and my appearance within the industry.

I believe in my vision, and my creative spirit.

Even Though, I suffered the worst trauma upon past experiences. I will not allow it to destroy my life.

As to reconstruct my memory, and my life. I am experiencing my childhood, and watching Disney shows as to reboots my creativity. I am working on studying the textbooks and reading books as to improve my vocalization. I am listening to Disney Music as to recreate my creativity upon energy.

At this point, I am working nonstop and working hard to get this vision going. I am only one person making a difference. But I am not going to give up on the creative community that has been supporting me for so long.

Its not easy starting from the bottom. But I am restarting my life, because during my 20s I was viciously and manipulatively attack by people I trusted That I decided to cut complete contact as to repair the damage they caused.

I understand, people want me to speed up the process of what I am doing. But my vision will not happen overnight. My vision will take time, and I will make it happen. I will make results happen for all the right reason.

I do not focus on building a family or having kids at this point. I focus on building a company that will change peoples lives within the liberal arts Industries.

More than anything, I wanted to build this company in my 20s. But I was trap by situations I could not control. I was focusing on school, work, and my company. But I was being dragged by the mud upon people who I gave many chances too. You do not know how much I wish, to tell myself in my 20s to drop those friendship of your ex friend who backstab you and made you look like a fool in public.

But at my 30s, I am starting over and be able to embrace opportunities that I never had the chance to experience before. I am a different person now, and I am proud to reboot my life and get my business on the right track.

So, whoever thinks I am failing them, I do not really care. Who ever is gossiping about me, I do not really care? I stand by the people who believe in my vision, and my goals. I stand by the people who want a change within the Industries.




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