Warm December Cover

Lissi, Malique, & Wess (5 Star Review)

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Song Cover: Warm December By Sabrina Claudio

Artist Contributions: Lissi & Malique, Wess on Guitar

Welcome To Charm Rose Brand

The performance in the video was an outstanding applause of love and devotion. The cover of Warm December By Sabrina Claudio had a smooth rhythm within the texture of the notes.

Lissi carried out the song along Malique who sang as backup upon vocals and piano. Wess carried out a smooth and find rhythm within the guitar and followed through.

The sound was brilliant, and carried out as a smooth melody upon the notes.

I truly loved the outfits, and the design of the background.

This was a beautiful combination within The World of Sound.

Amazing Job

Lissi, Malique, & Wess