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Been a long time, since I’ve been away. But I needed time to change my life in the right direction. I love music and the industry, it’s my passion and desire.

Every artist in life deserves an opportunity to shine and be strong. Every artist in life deserves an opportunity to be bold and be brave.

During my time off, I transformed and took my life in a different direction. I work on my Talent Company, I crotchet scarf and work on building my collection, I am working hard to start my own business as an assistant and booking gigs. I work at a job as Shift Supervisor and working on my ability to climb the ladder of success.

Every day I craft my skills and performance to be a strong woman in this life. I’ve had people judge me and demeanor myself as a human.

But my mission in life is to inspire artists to be bold and craft their skills within the music industry. My mission is to work hard and develop myself within management as to succeed.

This time moving forward I will be

The New Charm Rose Brand 2022