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Charm Rose Brand

Every Artist Deserves A Spotlight, Every Artist Deserves A Voice

Charm Rose Brand is all about expressing yourself as an artist, finding your voice, and never giving up within music. We all been there, facing life challenges within the industry.

But being honest, I don’t have experience in the Music Industry. So why listen to me, I never stop believing, I never stop dreaming. Growing up, I discovered my singing at an early age and showed potential as I grew up. Life was not easy, since being a tall person, and trying to show my potential as a singer became a struggle. Every time, I would sing and show myself as a musician. People viewed the tall girl who was 6,2 and should be a basketball player. Instead of viewing the person who had a singing voice that could hit within soprano (high) and tenor (low).

Growing up, I always wrote songs, and began performing within areas such as open mics, talent shows, and gospel choirs. I volunteered as a music teacher at the YMCA and gave kids singing lessons. I would practice the piano and would compose songs within a music sheet. I grew up, listening and watching Disney. Hilary Duff was my idol and motivation to keep going.

I always dreamed of attending Berklee College of Music, and pursue a bachelor, and a master’s in the music business.

But battling 6 health problems was a challenge, and I paused my music career upon what I suffered as an artist. I went through life challenges such as manipulation, bullying, torment, and more.

But I create Charm Rose Brand as to show people that potential does exist. As an opening within creativity, and the music industry. Even though we face life challenges, sometimes spreading your wings is what matters most in this world.

I want people to find a place that is inspiring, nurturing, and filled with knowledge upon a brighter light.

This brand represents creativity and a showcase of what we portray in life.

Charm Rose Brand is a training and development blog that enhances our musical ability upon knowledge, skills, training, business, and more.

Within the brand, I provide a world that has tools and resources that prepares you for the music business.

Even though I wasn’t able to make my dreams come true at a young age, inspiring people to go after their dreams within music is something, I absolutely believe in.

The Music Industry is my passion, and I want to inspire the artist to develop their skills and knowledge within a creative space. Every element within this blog defines a world within creativity.

Every day, I will be adding more content to help artists connect within their music venture, help artists transform themselves and give them hope within the Music Industry.

Training and Development would include Music Theory, Composition, Business Insight, Music Industry Preparations, Management, Performances, Entertainment, Brand & Style, Education, Reading Music, Skills learning, Strategies, and Techniques.

Within Charm Rose Brand, I will be displaying my knowledge and skills in a creative way within the arts. I love illustrating my works to connect with people on a musical scale.

This brand represents leadership, performance, and a powerful movement within the music.

My Goals and Dreams
  • Brand – Charm Rose Brand (Music Industry Elements) & Charm Business Lady (Music Business Insights)
  • Work with Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Brothers Music Group.
  • Become an A&R Administrative Assistant, Music Business Coach, and a CEO
  • Work on opening 2 companies within the arts and music business.
  • Become a publish Music Author, Songwriter, and a Music Blogger
  • Work on pursuing a Music Business Bachelors and career at Berklee College of Music.

I am somebody who is a hard worker and determined to reach a dream upon all sacrifices. I am somebody who is persuasive and able to put in the works to make it happen.

Contents Structures


Information about the brand and benefits for the musician to develop their skills as Professional Musicians.
Blog Post-

World of Talent: A guidebook that explores the world of music in a creative and learning direction.
Creative World-

Creative Article that gives an edge within topics
Learning Platforms-

Courses & Programs

Charms Podcast & Articles

Artist Billboards & Summary

eBooks, Audio Books
Brand Innovation-

Product Development

Music Industry Insight & The Dish
Charms Corner-

Charms Personal Insights
Talent City-

Music Development & Training
Business City-

Music Business Insight Development & Training
Express City-

Music Topics & Explorations
Charms News-

Music World News & Insights
Creative Express-

Music Industry Lessons
Music Industry-

eBooks, tips, documentary, interviews, and more
Music Preparations-

Preparing yourself for the music industry & essentials
Music Theory-

Lessons & Illustrations, Step by Step
Music Composition-

Lessons & Illustrations, Step by Step
Music Publication-

Lessons & Topics
Skills & Techniques-

Music Techniques & Strategies

Music Studio Insights

Music Stage Lessons
Business Insight-

Behind the Music Industry & Process
Sales Insight-

Sales & Techniques Articles
World Music-

Music Process & Structures
World Artist-

Artist Process & Structures

Lessons & Illustrations, Step by Step
Brand & Style-

Brand Techniques & Strategies

Music Marketing Topics
Artistic Portfolio-

Artist Illustration & Analysis
Music Projects-

Challenges & Assignments
Piano & Voice-

Lessons & Illustrations, Step by Step
Music Style-

Music Genre
Music Education-

Articles & Topics
Music History-

Articles & Topics
Music Technology-

Lessons & Illustrations, Step by Step

Music Industry Interviews
Music Clients-

Working With Clients & Structures

Outside Resources That Are Helpful For Artist & Links

Within my brand, I show people that dreams are possible. I illustrate a creative world that gives people potential.

Every Artist has the right to shine and find their glory as a hero within talent. The Music Industry is a tough market and I would love to be more creative as to give dreams back.

My brand is a way of preparing the artist within the music industry, a way of marketing and expanding their brand within resources. Learning the tools, techniques, strategies, resources, and given sources.

Charm Rose Brand is a way of expanding your mind within a creative direction. A way of nurturing your creative mindset as a professional and being able to understand the Music Industry in a positive light.

So, what benefits will you get as an Artist:
  • Preparing yourself within the Music Industry
  • Developing yourself as a professional
  • Gaining experience and networks within sources
  • Stories of musicians and their works
  • Content within learning
  • Sources, tools, resources
  • Contributions within artist
  • Events, and showcases of performances
  • Articles, strategies, and techniques
  • Courses and programs.
  • Sources to prevent scams or traps
  • Business, studio, and rehearsal insights.

Charm Rose Brand is a Music Business Platform that provides you a world that gives you the potential to never give up. Charm Rose Brand will be your best friend, your professional coach, and your best tool within the Music Industry.

I grew up and acknowledge Music as my direction. I found it as my opportunity to find hope, love, and passion within a key. Charm Rose Brand is your key to a bright future.

Every day, we wake up to pursue our dreams, money, love, family, and many challenges that come in the way. So why not, find a tool that provides you with the source to keep going and be inspired.

Charm Rose Brand is all about developing your skills within the Music Industry. Finding your talent that’s given an outlet as to what it defines.

Every Element will be a different world upon the blog’s contents. Every element will be a different direction and even industry insights.

Every Artist Deserves A Spotlight

Where they can embrace their wings

Charm Rose Brand

Will be the spotlight that’s unbeatable as to beat again

Thank You




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Founder of CharmRoseBrand


Rosselin Florentino

Creative Entrepreneur | Music Blogger | Artist Management (goal) |Assistant | Author | Musician | CEO & Founder (goal) | Podcaster|Music Business Coach (goal) | Songwriter | Influencer | Retailer | Writer

This is my passionate roots as a Creative Entrepreneur

Developing A Musician Talent, That’s my passion


My name is Rosselin Florentino, and I am a student studying Business Management, and Entrepreneurship at The University of Massachusetts Lowell. I am a creative entrepreneur with a dream to innovate a creative World within Music within my brand, and company (Under development). I love Training and Developing musicians within the Music Industry, That’s a goal I am working hard towards. I love the field of becoming a virtual assistant or studio assistant to understand the music business and its operations.

I am somebody who is ambitious, driven, and motivated to be productive. I love keeping myself busy within the workforce. I have a passion towards working with customers and being able to leave them with a smile. I have experience in customer service, merchandise, multitasking, office procedures, and creative experience within the music.

I love working with teams and being able to tackle assignments on a daily basis. I love communicating with coworker and understanding the direction’s within duties.

I am somebody who loves working with clients and being able to deliver good quality within the workforce. I love being a problem solver and developing a strategic direction within the situation.

My future goals

I would love to work within the Artist Management field and be involved as a virtual assistant or studio assistant. I work on developing a company that trains artists within the music business.

As a Virtual or Studio assistant, I would love to work as an administrative field and deliver a great service within the productivity.

Within Artist Management, I would love to train and develop the artist within the field. Also, I would love to become committed and work on the career of the artist within operations.

Check out my website


YouTube CharmRoseBrand

I am a creative entrepreneur with a productive dream to inspire others to work hard within the workforce.

Thank you

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