Blog #2 Innovate Your Gift And Never Look Back

As Artist, we are gifted and we are strong. We are young and we are brave to take action upon the world we call our own.

The Music Industry is all about taking action and fighting for what you believe in. A source of dignity and power relies upon steps to be a hero within the world of innovation.

As Artist, you have to be innovative and reach out from under the floor and make your talents heard. A big crowd is waiting for your voice, and you are the hero within the World of Innovation.

Blog #1 Power of Innovation

Welcome To Charm Rose Brand

Within The Music Industry, every artist deserves a chance to be real and outstanding. Every artist deserves a chance to be innovative and push boundaries. We face challenges every day, and sometimes we have to dream bigger to push ourselves within a stage of innovation.

Music is all about evolving your talent and taking a risk within a simple step. Music is all about creating movement and finding a space that has ambition.

Never fear what’s in front of you, Never fear what’s about to happen.

If you are on stage, you are the innovator and the crowd is your storm.

Always strive towards a dream and never look back.

Charm Rose Brand

Charm Rose Brand

Charm Rose Brand

Welcome to Charm Rose Brand

Been a long time, since I’ve been away. But I needed time to change my life in the right direction. I love music and the industry, it’s my passion and desire.

Every artist in life deserves an opportunity to shine and be strong. Every artist in life deserves an opportunity to be bold and be brave.

During my time off, I transformed and took my life in a different direction. I work on my Talent Company, I crotchet scarf and work on building my collection, I am working hard to start my own business as an assistant and booking gigs. I work at a job as Shift Supervisor and working on my ability to climb the ladder of success.

Every day I craft my skills and performance to be a strong woman in this life. I’ve had people judge me and demeanor myself as a human.

But my mission in life is to inspire artists to be bold and craft their skills within the music industry. My mission is to work hard and develop myself within management as to succeed.

This time moving forward I will be

The New Charm Rose Brand 2022

Charms Happy 31th Birthday

Happy 31th Birthday

Officially becoming 31 years old. I had so much struggles and successes over the year. So happy to start over with a new appeatiation in life and a new chapter. At 31 years old, my goals, get my businesses back in shape upin the Talent Industry, get an apartment, relationship & family, and work hard to get into Business development and Artist Management. Also work hard at my job at Cvs and work my way up for a brand new future.

A New Vision Within Talent

As a Woman, I sacrifice everything for a dream and for a Talent Company I been wanting to build for so long. What you see is a roadmap on the wall. I went through pain, suffer, and loss for so many years. But my creative love for Talent always kept me alive. I am ready to fight for this dream. Even though,  I loss The Love of my life. This Roadmap is my future towards a new world within Talent. Im ready to fight for a dream. Homeless,  Successful,  Sacrifice,  I dont care what happens to my life. But I will give up my life for a new world within Talent. Ready To Make This Vision Happen.


The Greatest Gift About Love & Talent

As Artist, We all dream to strive higher and be superior within our talents. We all dream to be brave and be able to love our gift as a unique symbol. As Artist, we are performers and The greatest potential is to never give up.

The greatest in life, be brave and follow your dreams

Charm Rose Brand

(New Projects within Developments, Life is busy at this point. Suffered an injury and heart break. Within Recovery at the moment)

Umass Lowell Graduate 2021

I have officially Graduated from The University of Massachusetts Lowell. The greatest accomplishment was working hard and battling so many situations in my life that made life difficult.  But I am so happy to be working hard and pursue my dreams of opening my own business in Artist Management and Artist Development.  To be able to be a strong woman and show the world that I am beautiful.  As well as to inspire of artist to go after their dreams.  Thats what pushes me to keep going.
I battled school and challenges for 10 years. Im so proud to be making a difference.  I Thank Cvs and Umass Lowell for changing my life and giving me another opportunity to live. love youguys

The Passion Between An Artist & Its Instrument

The Passion Between an Artist & Its Instrument

The greatest connection about music is releasing the passion within you. The greatest power within an artist is releasing the motivation to keep going and never stop. Within music, our talent is a gift and the greatest creation within our time.

As Artist, we are performers and great learner. As Artist, we are captivators and great sensors. We find the ability to connect with our instruments within the core. We find the ability to explore our true value and proposition.

When you play an instrument, you experience the greatest sound within attraction. You experience the harmonious note that expresses you as an artist. You never know what type of secrets an instruments has. But as you play the music, you start to figure it out.

The Structure of Songwritting & Lyrics

The Structure of Songwriting & Lyrics

Every creative angle has its value within music & composition. Every creative spark has its movement within dance & exposition. As a artist, writing a song is a simple piece that contributes within the style of music. As you work on your first pieces, you have to construct a song that connects toward your audience.

Within this post, I explain the structures of a song:


Definition: The verse is a repeated section of a song that has different story plots when building a song. It’s a set of lyrics when building different sections of the songs through the building blocks upon pieces.


Definition: Chorus is the repetition that is a rhythmic movement within the song. It’s the catchy tune that hooks people upon the music between verses.


Definition: A bridge is known as a building block when constructing the song within the composition. Some areas would include the chorus, fast or slow tempo, key changes, melody and harmony structures.

Foundation of a song

Verse (Story)

Chorus (Repetition)

Verse (Story)

Chorus (Repetition)

Verse (Story)

Chorus (Repetition)

Creative Dreamer

Everybody has a dream to make a difference within the world. Everybody has a dream to be superior and show how creative you can be. You have a dream, then make it happen. You have a heart, then make it spur.

The greatest part about the Music Industry, being able to connect and be different. Being able to stand out and just release your inabition.

Show your potential within the studio, Show your potential within yourself. The greatest part about working with a product is being able to display a message that has value and a touch of innovation.

That’s why working in a studio is an important step within the process. You have your own space, and your own place to make things happen.

Always remember, you are the dreamer within the studio itself

Charm Rose Brand

Every Artist Deserves A Spotlight

The world of music is a creation that lives within our spark. The world of music is a creation that lives within our soul.

When you perform, captivate every angle, and show the world how unique you are within your heart.

Take an edge, and be rhythmic as to succeed. Take an edge, and be risky to understand the world of creativity within dreams.

You are the creator, and the innovator as to make a difference.

Every artist deserves to make a difference, Every artist deserves to make a leap.

When you transform into the Industry. Your heart has a position of love and devotion.

You will make it

Take a leap of faith, and take control.

Love & Performance

Love & Performance

Every human has a divine soul of love and dedication. Every human has a divine passion of power and performance. Within my world, I love expanding my creativity upon higher heights. I love expanding my personality upon higher edge.

Within this world, everybody has a spark and a unique personality. Everybody has a passion and a unique showcase upon talent.

As artist, we show the greatest edges, and never turn back within our power. We show the greatest love and always portray that industry as a passionate soul.

Within the Music Industry, people work hard for a reason and a creative loop that strives upon innovation.

People push themselves, and embrace their hearts upon creative works that showcase music as a message of empowerment, love, and creative details.

Always empower yourself to be brighter, and show the world that you are strong.

Charm Rose Brand

Rocking Your Heart As An Artist

Rocking Your Heart As An Artist

Every heart has its center within music, Every heart has its message within performance. When the spotlight hits, you have to be ready as to take control and not back out. You have to be ready as to take passion, and not take a step back.

Music is a stepping stone within another level of creativity, Music is a stepping stone within another level of power and determination. Work hard as to find your voice. Work hard as to find your inner self.

Don’t allow the world to break you down. Don’t allow the world to finish you, and take everything out of you.

Sometimes, The industry can be challenging. But when you perform, you are the legend that carries the back bone.

Be Strong and Don’t Back Out.

Charm Rose Brand

The Essentials of Songwriting & Lyrics

Within every lyrics, there’s a message. Within every beat, there’s a rhythm.

The greatest part about Songwriting & Lyrics, you find what’s meaningful within your heart. You find the core that makes the string within instrument of a single step.

Music is all about rocking the rhythm, and being able to enhance your skills as a stepping stone.

The world of Songwriting is an adventurous movement that has many characteristics within lyrics. In order to write a song, you need to step out of your comfort zone and just take a leap of faith. Writing a lyrics has its essentials, and the way you coordinate a song from the back roots.

A message has a meaning, and a positive impact within the community. A simple message could be a story, a life journey, an emotional root, or even a connection. You have to be direct, and be able to connect within the world of songwriting. As well as core values.

When I write a song upon a foundation, and structure. I work on building the chords that connect within the rhythm of the song and the meaning of what it represents. I work on understanding the movement, and the direction of where I want my music to stand upon capability.

The steps of writing a song include working within a structured process of building blocks. The essentials would include the verse, the repetitions, and the hook. The verse has three story plots that balance upon Songwriting & Lyrics,  the repetition is the rhythmic core of what keeps the song moving. The hook is an essential of what brings an audience back as to remember your song.

Songwriting is a journey, but an ever lasting beat of love.

Charm Rose Brand

The Voice Inside me

My Other Personality, Please Dont Judge her

The voice inside myself

Everybody deserves a voice, and a way of expanding your talent upon new potential. Discovering how you form, and where you stand in this world. As I performed, and work hard through the years. Something inside of me was speaking out, and I didn’t understand how I could release it.

As a child, I grew up with Torretes Syndrome, a Learning Disability, Asthma, Acid Reflux, and through out years I develop Temporary Memory Loss, and Diabetes.

My life was a rollercoaster and the hardest part was dealing with Torretes Syndrome and The Tics. Being a performer, a creative entrepreneur, and a creative builder. I work hard to find my space in this world, and it wasn’t easy finding my place. But it was a challenging dealing with my syndrome, and producing tics that would disrupt my life.

Some tics I would develop are noise tics, shaking of my head, high pitch, uncontrollable body movement, and aggressive tics. But even though I would face this condition that was uncurable. I gained another personality that would most likely control me and my life as I battled everyday.

I kept the secret inside me, I kept the story inside me, and I didn’t want to release my other personality.

But if I was going to build my dreams, and pursue what I love. Then I needed to release the secret inside of me to be able to breathe, and be able to understand life once again.

The Secret

She is my defense mechanism, and somebody who keeps me strong. Growing up, I would be bullied, mock, made fun of, harass, and even manipulation by peoples acts. I had to defend myself, and battle these situations as I grew up.

This other side was trembling my body wanting to defend my honor, and who I am as a person. But in everyway I had to defend myself, and not get banish upon people manipulative acts.

I battled challenges as a performer, I battled the world upon life, and I had to work hard to sacrifice everything as to what life defined.

Being accepted upon my talent became a gift, but I am not brave enough to step on stage and perform. My other personality comes out on stage, and performs my songs upon another direction. She is the one with the voice, and she shows a side that gives meaning upon my performance.

I hope society can accept this side of me, and accept the person I’m trying to be.

I’m a Creative Legacy, and even though I battle my health problems. I wont allow it to destroy the person inside me.

I release my secret, I release the pain above my shoulders, I release the talent, and direction.

I follow my path, and work hard towards my dreams.

I am a human, and I am a fighter

This is Who I am as a Human

Update about You Video Sangre Fria

Video Sangre Fria

This video about Sangre Fria was a big challenge for me to speak out about and I wanted to introduce my other side that I kept a secret for so long. She is my Defense Mechanism and I believed she deserved a voice

I am somebody who lives with several health complications every day.  For years, I been hiding this side of me. When you have Torretes Syndrome,  you have tics of uncontrollable body movements,  aggressive tics, other forms of tics such as noise tics, high pitches and even a defensive tic that you cant control. Within my picture,  you are witnessing my other personality that I lock up and I dont want to show her. So she is going to be in a video that im going to release.  Whenever I got bullied, made fun of, mock, and manipulated.  She was my defense mechanism and protects me whenever somebody thinks they have right to bully me. I am nervous to introduce her. But I wanna take a risk.
Please dont judge her.

YouTube Sangre Fria

I am somebody who lives with several health complications every day.  For years, I been hiding this side of me. When you have Torretes Syndrome,  you have tics of uncontrollable body movements,  aggressive tics, other forms of tics such as noise tics, high pitches and even a defensive tic that you cant control. Within my picture,  you are witnessing my other personality that I lock up and I dont want to show her. So she is going to be in a video that im going to release.  Whenever I got bullied, made fun of, mock, and manipulated.  She was my defense mechanism and protects me whenever somebody thinks they have right to bully me. I am nervous to introduce her. But I wanna take a risk.
Please dont judge her.

The Innovation Within the Music Industry

Our world is a steppingstone, our world is a rock edge vibration. Working hard is a challenge but committing to your talent is an important movement.

Within the Music Industry, every artist deserves a voice and a spotlight within talent. Don’t allow peoples negativity to affect the artist within you. Don’t allow the pressure to demeanor you. Rocking your music is an important step towards a new level.

As an artist, you gotta keep up upon innovation. As an artist, you gotta keep up upon the industry and its trends.

Every sonic heart has a movement upon music that’s unbeatable and crazy. But within every soul, you deserve a chance to rock the stage, and gain power upon performance.

That’s the greatest key, your heart is a vibration within music, and the industry will change upon its key to intelligence.

So, what changes within the innovation of music?

Within the Music Industry, many essentials are changes upon the rock edge vision. Many patterns are changing upon ideas that have value, and sentimental qualities.

We have to vision a better world that has dreams, and movement within every change we can get.

Innovation is all about working hard and letting the music take control within you.

Besides, you have the power to create the song, to compose an original piece, to play the instrument with much courage.

Innovation speaks within a simple beat

Change the world

Charm Rose Brand

The Vision & Preparation of an Artist Within The Music Industry

The Vision & Preparation of an Artist Within The Music Industry

Within The Music Industry, every artist has a dream and a potential fire to dream hire and never stop. A dream in motion is a thousand words, A dream in motion is fireball waiting to happen.

In every direction, you have to evolve and be able to stand up as a new revolution is about to happen. Preparing a dream is the first step, Preparing a song is a guide upon motivation itself.

As an artist, you should believe in your dreams, you should take advantage of every opportunity. When the world fires back, you reach higher. When the world holds back, you push stronger.

So how do I vision a dream?

You take charge of the lyrics & coordination of how song moves throughout your soul. It’s a challenges, and a development through the process. But within development, think about the message, and how it will symbolize upon every distant.

Don’t worry about the crowd, or what other people think. Your music will always symbolize you as an artist, and a creator.

The Essentials of Preparation

  • Develop a song with a melody, notes, and a story
  • Work on a brand that will impact your audience
  • Contribute with artist, and spice up the heart within performance
  • Take advantage of the opportunities
  • Set the right bar, and work with management
  • Be aware of the risk and be knowledgeable within the field
  • Every artist has a spotlight, Take A Shot

Charm Rose Brand

Good Luck

The Works of KDURAN

Kelsey Duran Singing Selena Amor Prohibido

The Works of KDURAN

A Special Woman I would love to recognize within The Music Industry is A  Beautiful Soul named Kelsey Duran.

This woman is talented and original within her own way. I have worked with her many years back upon being in a Gospel Choir back in High School.

Over the year, she has been evolving as an artist and an educator. She has won awards, performances, graduated from Berklee College of Music, recognized as an artist, and now has a business for kids with disability upon a Music Program.

Love this woman so much, and she has so much to offer within this world.

Kelsey Duran is a professional within The Music Industry and has gained the hearts of many within her music

Follow, Like, and Subscribe to her channel

She’s an inspiration, and a hero

Warm December Cover

Lissi, Malique, & Wess (5 Star Review)

Artist Promotion Space

Song Cover: Warm December By Sabrina Claudio

Artist Contributions: Lissi & Malique, Wess on Guitar

Welcome To Charm Rose Brand

The performance in the video was an outstanding applause of love and devotion. The cover of Warm December By Sabrina Claudio had a smooth rhythm within the texture of the notes.

Lissi carried out the song along Malique who sang as backup upon vocals and piano. Wess carried out a smooth and find rhythm within the guitar and followed through.

The sound was brilliant, and carried out as a smooth melody upon the notes.

I truly loved the outfits, and the design of the background.

This was a beautiful combination within The World of Sound.

Amazing Job

Lissi, Malique, & Wess

#1 A Creative Experience In The World of Charm

A Creative Experience in the World of Charm

For a longtime I became invisible and scared of what the world might bring. I went through the toughest moments in life, and many things that became a battle. I am passionate for the Music Industry, and a true love upon the productive field. But in real life, I face many challenges that make life impossible daily.

I am a strong person in life, but I have the blood of a warrior. I disappeared for a main reason.

In my life, I needed to battle what has been attacking me for so long. I needed to battle the people who been bringing a negative shadow upon my life.

I am surrounded by love, and many people that understand me as a person. As well as a human.

As a creative entrepreneur, I work hard on as to display an empowerment within the creative field. I build a development company behind closed doors as to someday bring out my vision to life. I do not talk about my company, because I have an idea that has never really been invented. But different upon what the world has today. I do not talk about company, because I am protective over my vision. Someday, I will release the vision and the approach of what I am doing. But I am passionate over the idea, and I want to release it when the time is right.

What is the update at this point?

Right now, I attend Umass as a student working within graduating next year with a bachelor’s in business management and Entrepreneurship. I study through as to get my certification in Administrative Assistant. I gained the opportunity to enroll in a Music Business Class and learn the essentials of the Music Industry. I networked with legit professionals within the fields and gained wisdom from people who work and perform within the Music Industry.

After I graduate Umass, I plan on returning back to get my Bachelors in Music Business.

My decision is to either apply to Umass or Berklee College of Music. I am also planning on enrolling in an Artist Management program as to understand the field.

As well as work hard to someday land a job within The Music Industry after I get my Music Bachelors.

I officially have a job at CVS where I work Full Time as a shift supervisor within the front store. I love working with my team and being able to work with customer. I love giving customers the best experience and being productive within the floor.

Being productive and living with life threatening health problems is a challenge. But I sacrifice my life as to deliver a better vision for this world. I sacrifice my own gift just to deliver a brighter path as to change people’s lives.

At 30 years old, I am relearning the instruments, the essentials of the Music Industry, Artist Management, and Administrative Assistant. I am retraining my memory and my appearance within the industry.

I believe in my vision, and my creative spirit.

Even Though, I suffered the worst trauma upon past experiences. I will not allow it to destroy my life.

As to reconstruct my memory, and my life. I am experiencing my childhood, and watching Disney shows as to reboots my creativity. I am working on studying the textbooks and reading books as to improve my vocalization. I am listening to Disney Music as to recreate my creativity upon energy.

At this point, I am working nonstop and working hard to get this vision going. I am only one person making a difference. But I am not going to give up on the creative community that has been supporting me for so long.

Its not easy starting from the bottom. But I am restarting my life, because during my 20s I was viciously and manipulatively attack by people I trusted That I decided to cut complete contact as to repair the damage they caused.

I understand, people want me to speed up the process of what I am doing. But my vision will not happen overnight. My vision will take time, and I will make it happen. I will make results happen for all the right reason.

I do not focus on building a family or having kids at this point. I focus on building a company that will change peoples lives within the liberal arts Industries.

More than anything, I wanted to build this company in my 20s. But I was trap by situations I could not control. I was focusing on school, work, and my company. But I was being dragged by the mud upon people who I gave many chances too. You do not know how much I wish, to tell myself in my 20s to drop those friendship of your ex friend who backstab you and made you look like a fool in public.

But at my 30s, I am starting over and be able to embrace opportunities that I never had the chance to experience before. I am a different person now, and I am proud to reboot my life and get my business on the right track.

So, whoever thinks I am failing them, I do not really care. Who ever is gossiping about me, I do not really care? I stand by the people who believe in my vision, and my goals. I stand by the people who want a change within the Industries.




Career Projects in the making

Artist Development Business (Secret Vision)

Charm Books

Charm Life Book (My life story Book)

Music Industry Teaching Videos

Charm Album (Developing)

Charm Podcast (Developing)

Rebooting YouTube Charm Rose Brand

Curvy30 Business By Francheska

Hey Charm Fans

I would love for yall to check out my girl Francheska amazing business called Curvy30

This woman is inspiring and has helped out millions of women upon reaching their goals within Fitness.

She is an inspiring Entrepreneur and truly shows people the value within love and being healthy.

Check out her website

Follow her on Instagram at

Follow her Entrepreneur page

Check out her Business and get back into shape

World Industry Artist Preparation

World Industry

Artist Preparation

The world industry is a preparation for success, and a motivation of love within itself. As contributors, we are artist, and leaders as to word hard within a creative spotlight.

Preparation is the key upon success and delivering great results within the Music Industry. Yes, the industry can be challenging and risky.

But what matters most as an artist, being able to push yourself and never forget where you stand.

Every day, we must contribute and believe that greater results exist. We must innovate and mix our knowledge within the creative world.

Everybody deserves a chance, and opportunity to always fly upon range.

Preparation and determination are the key to success.

I understand the industry can be challenging, I understand the industry can be risky.

But as a community of artist, we have the ability to change our approach. We have the ability to feel and take charge of our gift.

The key to development is to keep going, and work on your gift every day. Don’t allow the negative side of the industry to affect you. Don’t allow the thoughts of Money and Success to drive you off from what you wanna do.


How do I prepare myself within the industry?

There are many ways that can prepare you for the Music Industry, and many opportunities that will guide you.

  1. Prepare music that have a meaning and purpose
  2. Work with artist and contribute upon mixes
  3. Create products that have a strong deliverance
  4. Book gigs and opportunities that are able to stand out
  5. Train yourself and work with programs within music.
  6. Work hard as to further your education within the Music Industry
  7. Learn and adapt upon the Music Industry
  8. Learn the essentials about the Music Industry
  9. Understand the concepts of Music Theory, Composition, and even Songwriting
  10. Work with management and hire people that are able to strive within your career.
  11. Work upon the digital platform and market your work
  12. Create a website that markets your work as an artist
  13. Participate in competitions such as American Idol, America Got Talent
  14. Sell your work and invest in your brand
  15. Work with your audience and be able to engage.

Charm Experience

As innovators, our gift is strong, and our potential speaks for itself.

The Music Industry is a hardcore sound stage and many artists are inspiring throughout their works.

The best example I can give you “The Jonas Brothers”

As young creators, they work hard and build a brand overtime. Their music is full of love, and their messages have a meaning.

Don’t ever allow MONEY to be the answer to success. Don’t ever allow FAME to be the resulting moment.

Your gift and your approach to work hard. That’s the key upon success and determination. So many people wanna give you the illusion that making money and being famous is the right approach. They wanna give you the illusion that having a glamorous lifestyle is what makes you a success entrepreneur and musician.

What makes you successful and a stronger brand.

Doing what you love every day, and not taking creativity for granted. We are performers and lovers within the arts.

As musician, you start from the bottom and work your way up. You start to understand the concept and essentials as to work hard.

The key to success is working hard

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A Pop Studio Experience

grayscale photography of condenser microphone with pop filter

Pop Studio Experience

A digital era of love, and experience.

A scene of waves that is unbeatable

A Pop Studio Experience is a creative zone, within our hearts. As artists, we strive for the unthinkable, and challenge our minds to break out and be free.

“You must think I’m a chimpanzee, talking gibberish”


Within a Pop Studio Experience, every artist has a dream, and a clear vision of their path. A direction of what they feel and believe.

As you work on an album, a song, or even a poster board. You always must maintain a clear vision or board of where your insights might explore.

Writing a song, takes work and commitment. As you write a song or produce a record. The story is a wave that has capacity within its own.

Sometimes, you might fall apart. Sometimes, you might give up. But building your core, and backbone. That is the greatest gift of exploring a song, or measure within your heart.

So, experience yourself in a live studio.

Ask yourself “Where do you imagine yourself a year after publication?”

Where do you believe upon your strength and core of composition?”

“Will a crowd be pleased, or walk away”

“Will you boost sales upon developments within an album?”

Ask yourself, are you worth a thousand likes as an artist?

Are you worth a thousand Grammys as to explore?

Or will you follow your heart as to produce a great song that has genuine love, and position.

Develop your gift upon A Pop Studio Experience That has power upon Music & The World

Charm Rose Brand

Rosselin Florentino Understand me As A Person

Full video is within this link

My names Rosselin Florentino and I am the creator of
I am creating this video because I want people to understand me as a person and understand my situation, life, and characteristic. I dont expose my creativity for attention or to be mock on. I show myself as a human as to be accepted and hopefully show my professionalism as somebody who willing to go above and beyond as to make something of myself.
Within this video, I talk about my situation, health, career, and my personality. I want people to accept myself and be able to see somebody who’s willing to work hard. I’m a bit emotional because I talk about why i wear a pink bandana on my head. I just hope people can listen to me and give me a chance to be heard.

My Lifetime Goal in Life ❤

I have many goals, and many things I wanna achieve.  I have many desire as to achieve great things. I am brave, I am beautiful,  I am unique.

I am a creative person,  I love connecting with people.  I love understanding their personality,  and aspect.

I am not the normal typical human. I love thinking outside the box, and exploring my potential.

Yes I can be crazy, I can be strange, I can be a lunatic 🤣

But my heart is a blessing, and a spirit that I cant control.

What do I want in life and to achieve my dreams

● I want to own a company as to develop artist, and train them.

● I want to become an Administrative assistant and learn the business

● I want to work in Artist Management and work with the Music Industry

●I want to earn my Umass Lowell Bachelors in Business Management

● I want to earn my Administrative assistant Diploma online

● I want to Berklee College of Music and get my degree in Music Business

● I want to own my own house and start a family with a creative and loving future partner

● I want to become a publish Author and publish many creative books within the Music Business and Charm books

● I want to build a creative legacy and build a successful following

● I want to inspire a community of musicians and connect

● I want to work with a Music Industry Corporation

● But most importantly, I want to make somebody happy and loved for the rest of their life. If I ever have kids in the future, I want them to recognize the inspiring person their parents are in life.

I may be crazy, but I’m crazy inlove with my life, and my direction

Artistic Roots Through Performance


Artistic Roots Through Performance
As a young artist, did you ever dream of performing on stage. Did you ever dream of a new world?
That is the concept of life and powering your voice through a product. It is a root of our ambition; it is a root of our love.
Performing on stage is a gift, and empowering our souls through music, its an experience we will never doubt.
When you sing, do you feel like a Rockstar? When you dance, do you rock like Whitney Houston? When you play the drums, electric base, or even a guitar, do you imagine your own world.
Performing on stage is a gift, and you do not have to be nervous. Yes, it will catch you by surprise. But if you make your dream happen. Nothing else will fall out of place.

As an artist, your roots are clear, and the nerve is nothing but a distraction. When you perform on stage, do not think of the fear. Do not think of the audience. Do not even think of what might happen.
When you perform, you are the key, and balance within the show. Never forget why you are here!
You are on stage as to make dreams
Charm Rose Brand

Thank you


Be powerful, Be love, and Rise upon your dreams upon

Performance, Love, Strength

World Of Management In The Music Industry


World of Management in The Music Industry

Your dreams are an ambition, your voice is a performance upon guidance and diligence. Every artist has a right to go after their dreams and be able to make a statement.

But as an artist comes responsibilities.

What do I mean by responsibilities?

Sales, Tickets, Concerts, Promotion, Advertisements, Social Media.

Yes, an artist can work on their own. But sometimes, you need a backup team as to succeed upon the road of dreams.

That is why you need management and a team of professionals that can give you an edge within the world of market. The greatest part about management, they can understand your vision, and being able to expand your brand upon where you wanna be.

You can understand that the world of dreams is a long road as you start your career within music. You can understand that the world of dreams comes with much duration within your skin.

But the greatest vision about management, they can construct the background. While you are representing your brand and style. That is the greatest part about The Music Industry, you have a team of people who are supporting your dream upon a standard foundation.

Responsibilities upon Management

  • Working with agencies upon contract between the organization, networks, and artist.

  • Interviews and audition to scout potential clients.

  • Work with artist upon marketing plans and tours.

  • Stable communication between the artist

  • Work with networking upon negotiation between cost that represents the artist.

  • Cost and fees within travels, tours, promotion, etc.

  • Marketing and advertising activities.

  • Negotiate with promoters and agents.

  • Work with equipment and facilities.

  • Book interviews, coaches, and trainers

  • Bookkeeping and financial obligation.

As a manager, you have a lot of responsibilities, and you must be serious within the Music Industry. But as an artist, you must work with management and agents as to succeed towards the next level. You want to be performing, work with the big guns, be advertised on the famous platforms, movies and tv industries, networks and big representation, tours, and a big audience.

Listen, the work is not easy, but if you trust the manager and their duties. You will achieve your dreams in every way. Yes, you will go far doing it on your own. But as an artist, you need a manager that is going to be able to push upon the hard work.

I am going to be real



Open Words to Management

If you are a manager and you are working with artist. You need to have an open communication between you and the artist. You need to be able to understand their vision, and not a change who they are. Every artist has a brand that is unique and open. Every artist has a vision of how they see upon transformation.

Management, work with the vision, and be able to strategies upon how you are going to make this work. Are you going to give the artist a direction? Are you going to implement your ideas as to stabilizing a proper turn? Are you going to work with the brand and movement? Where will you invest upon a profit and expense? How will you bring the audience and be able to book the performance?

Work with artist and enhance their vision. The key to music is being able to find a balance and taking advantage of the market within innovation.

Within the Music Industry, an artist needs direction, and moderation within its center. I can understand how challenging your work can be as an artist. But if you push and make the wave clear. You are the manager with a vision, and I am proud of your SUCCESS.

Alright, lets get back to business.

Where do you get discovered within Management?

As an artist, you will come across opportunities, and you need management as to guide your progress. Managers will come to you when they see your potential.

So where do managers scout potential clients.

  • Concerts
  • Competitions
  • Radios
  • Auditions
  • Showcases
  • Social Media
  • Artist Management submissions
  • Bars & Venues
  • Live gigs
  • And others

Within the World of management, there are many opportunities. All you got to do is spread your wing and act upon your ambitious love of music.

How do you know if a manager is legit?

Here are some procedures:

  • Degree in Music Business, or experience in the music industry
  • A business with awards and a list of clients that have succeeded within the music industry.
  • Understanding of the Music industry and the background (Ask questions)
  • Legal business, card, and a detail plan for your career.

Understand the process

  • Do not sign anything without a lawyer or attorney present.
  • Management agreement within Contract, territory, and compensation
  • Agreement in verbal and writing
  • Both parties within management and the artist should be on the same page.

Bad Management

  • A manager who wants to meet late at night and has an act that is not legitimate.
  • Drunk, lazy, not focus. Be Careful
  • Somebody who claims to be part of the industry, but never earned anything in the music industry.

Let me be clear, I have no experience in the Music Industry. I am working towards becoming an assistant and artist management. Right now, I am only creating a world to develop artist at this point.

So far, I gave you a bit of insight of what the Music Industry is about. I love developing artist and their potential within the Music Industry.

As an artist, you can succeed and make a commitment towards your dreams. If you understand the Music Industry and its potential. Everything will become clear and better along the way.

Every artist can succeed. But you must put in the work and make it happen. I am going to be clear, respect your people, business associates, fans, audience. Never portray a negative attitude or image.

If you take advantage of your dreams and practice every day. You will succeed

Every artist deserves a spotlight

Thank you

Charm Rose Brand

The Freedom of Music


The freedom of Music
The freedom of music empowers our skin, the freedom of music empowers our light.

Within our ability, we are strong, we are powerful, we are brave. That’s the greatest key to the music industry. Your voice impacts in many ways.
Whether it’s a base, a guitar, a solo.

As an artist, life is an ability that can never stop, life is an ability that can race your heart like a thousand bullets.

But what does the freedom of music really mean?


Empower the stage, and let the audience be your wave. Impact the music and take charge of developing your length. I can understand it’s a challenge, I can understand it’s a progress.
But the freedom of speech is a key and an open door of a greater length.

When you’re on that stage, progress takes practice. Practice takes courage. But most importantly, being able to rise and enhance the notes within your skin.
Contribute with artist, and work on developing a project that has many views, working on specializing within practices that are enduring within innovation.

People break the rules and take a chance. As a creator, freedom is a spectrum of the living voice that combats creativity and imagination.

Take charge of your projects, take charge of your innovation, take charge of your sales, Take charge of your projection.

The freedom of music is an open space and opportunities are endless.
But as a leader
The freedom of music is your future
Thank You

Artist Recognition Lexii Alijai RIP Beautiful Soul

Article Copyrights


Brianna Sacks

News Reporter at Buzzfeed

The Hip-Hop Community Is Stunned After A Young Rapper Died Suddenly On New Year’s Day

Lexii Alijai, 21, was a rising star from Minnesota and known for her empowering lyrics and remixes.Updated on January 2, 2020, at 6:56 p.m. ETPosted on January 2, 2020, at 6:29 p.m. ET

Minnesota rapper Lexii Alijai, best known for her remixes and collaboration with artist Kehlani, died unexpectedly, her family announced on New Year’s Day.

The 21-year-old from St. Paul, whose full name is Alexis Alijai Lynch, had cultivated acclaim and a large, loyal following with her empowering lyrics and remixes, as well as her collaborations with artists like Elle Varner.

Details about her death were not immediately released.

A spokesperson for the St. Paul Police Department told BuzzFeed News that they “do not have any reports related to Ms. Lynch.” However, the artist’s family announced the news on Facebook Wednesday, calling her sudden death “a nightmare,” and told BuzzFeed News that Lynch had died on Wednesday.

“You’ve touched so many souls,” her cousin Raeisah Clark wrote. “Heaven better be good to you cause they lucky to have you.”

While her appearance on Kehlani’s 2015 single “Jealous,” which made it onto Billboard’s Top 40 and was part of a Grammy-nominated album, cemented her as a rising hip-hop star, Lynch had been creating original music and remixes since she was young.

She was “committed and dedicated” to her music and always “knew exactly what she wanted to be,” her cousin LaMycha Jett told BuzzFeed News on Thursday.Ad


Jett, who is 10 years older than Lynch, remembers babysitting her younger cousin and said watching her move up “on her way to the top” was an amazing experience.

“She was loving, caring, sweet, humble,” Jett said. “She gave hugs all the time and her departure words were always ‘I love you.’ She had a passion for art and creating writing. Alexis is beautiful inside and out.”

In 2014, Lynch officially released her first mixtape on her 16th birthday, Super Sweet 16’s. Two years later, she performed at the Soundset Music Festival alongside artists like Kendrick Lamar, Lizzo, Post Malone, and A$AP Rocky.

Her album Joseph’s Coat “showed off her Aaliyah-meets-Allan Kingdom, sing-songy rapper style and knack for writing about family, relationships and feminism,” the Star Tribune noted. And in 2017, she debuted her first full-length, 16-track project, Growing Pains.

While still in high school, the rapper went viral by rapping over songs like Drake’s “Girls Love Beyoncé,” Dej Loaf, 2Pac, Meek Mill, and Nas. Her clips on YouTube and SoundCloud have amassed millions of plays, views, and likes.

She posted frequently on Twitter and Instagram, where she had nearly 87,000 followers combined, and was active right before she died, showing no signs that anything might be wrong. On the morning of Dec. 31, she tweeted happy birthday to David Ali, Kehlani’s manager, and later that evening shared a New Year’s memory from 2013.

“Stayin in the crib as usual on New Years…lont do parties. I hope everyone has fun, be safe!” the artist wrote years ago and then reposted on Facebook Tuesday with the praying hands emoji.

On Wednesday, fans filled her last posts with messages of hurt, shock, and remembrance. Over and over, they wrote “gone too soon.”

Also stunned by the news of her death, hip-hop artists took to social media to share emotional tributes celebrating Lynch’s talent and character, mourning the loss of a musician who was only just beginning.

In her remembrance, Kehlani posted photos of herself and the young rapper, writing how “sick,” “angry,” and heartbroken she was.

“You got my heart on the floor right now lex,” she said. “You were such a star to me because every word you spoke was true. every word you wrote was honest…You was supposed to go take over the world lex. you was supposed take home the trophies and hang the plaques up.”

Instagram: @undefined

Bas, a well-known Sudanese American rapper from New York, expressed his shock and sadness on Twitter. Lynch had opened for Bas last year during his Milky Way tour.

“It was an honor to know you, work with you, and be a mentor to you,” Elle Varner wrote.

According to her family, her death was sudden and unexpected. Clark, her cousin, was the first to publicly announce the news on Wednesday.

“Your a real Legend🎼 if you know her or heard her music you’d feel chills😔,” she posted on Facebook. “Rest in paradise you’ll never be forgotten!👼🏽 I’m so lost for words…my beautiful cousin with so much talent & Unique soul Lexii Alijai It’s too soon💔”

Family was “everything to her,” Jett, Lynch’s other cousin, said. She grew up surrounded by talented musicians, including her grandfather, Roger Troutman, who fronted the funk band Zapp, and her father, Roger Troutman Jr., who recorded for Capitol records. Both men died when she was a baby.

Growing up, Lynch made sure to attend family functions “when she could” and spend time with her little cousins, who adored her, Jett said.

She also loved to play basketball and write, her cousin added, but her purpose and passion was music.

“She touched so many lives through her music,” Jett said. “Alexis has a beautiful soul. She is a young legend. She knew exactly what she wanted to be.”

Brianna Sacks is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Los Angeles.

Contact Brianna Sacks at

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Lexi Alijah Cold Hearted

Artist Spotlight #2 Rachel Kerr



Artist Spotlight #2
Rachel Kerr

An artist of experience and living roots within the Caribbean.
Rachel Kerr is a symbol of love, passion, and endurance within a single beat.
Her music speaks in every way and enriches the lives of potential artist upon speaks.

A Grammy Winning Artist that has spice within The Caribbean Roots.

Rachel Kerr is a Multi Winning Recording Artist with a lot of endurance upon skin. Her most popular song has just been release “Lover, Lover”
Available on Spotify and Apple.

Rachel Kerr Words
“It’s taken me a while, but I have used all of my unique experiences, my Caribbean roots, my love for live instrumentation, my appreciation of retro soul and my inspirational lyrics and blended it to create my unique sound. A sound I couldn’t be any prouder of. A sound that is unapologetically me.”

Information about Her Success

Rachel Kerr Success
“On September 13th, 2019 Rachel Kerr released her new single ‘Lover Lover’ from her upcoming debut album (set to be released in spring 2020).

Her last single ‘Alive’ garnered 100,000s of streams from Spotify and Apple Music and even caught the attention of Sam Smith who posted the song to his social media. ‘Alive’ also received a GRAMMY Award consideration in 2018.

‘Lover Lover’ is Rachel’s follow up single. The song’s vibrant up-tempo instrumentation with live brass meets contemporary Caribbean inspired drums- an ode to her Caribbean heritage. ‘Lover Lover’ like all of Rachel’s songs are self-penned, celebrating the beauty of a love free from drama, carnality and stress – ultimately a superior love that gives peace.

In 2018 Rachel Kerr headlined her sold-out show at The O2 Islington with her 9-piece band. Her two-hour set of original material showed fans what to expect for her upcoming debut album.

After spending 2015-2017 touring the US, Africa and Europe opening for the likes of Lauryn Hill and Brandy, few singers can also boast personal invitations to sing for the Former US President and UK Prime Minister, but Rachel Kerr is one. After the success of her debut and sophomore EPs ‘Back to Music’ and ‘Getting Started’, Rachel has spent subsequent years honing in her sound. A sound set to establish her as a leading force in music.

Rachel’s powerful vocals and inspirational lyrics have often had audiences battling as to what genre she belongs to. However, the singer’s 2016 mixtape entitled ‘Unboxed’ was more than her third studio release title, but her response to the ongoing debate. The mixtape received rave reviews

“UK songstress Rachel Kerr … displays her amazing vocal prowess on “UnBoxed”, … Showcasing on music beds from the hottest joints out on the airwaves now, Kerr delivers a magical presentation on each song.” (Hype Magazine)

With influences in soul, r&b, gospel and reggae ‘Lover Lover’ showcases the singer’s sonic fluidity and ability to transcend the limitations of a boxed, singular musical genre.”

Charm Article
Grammy Winning Artist
Rachel Kerr

Spice up the Grammy with a lot of flavor. Music, Rhythm, and Pop Culture within our bones.
The minute I heard her Music, I was out blown. The lyrics and rthymic movement of a composite core. A woman that shows passion and mysterious vibes within music.

She has worked with artist: Sam Smith (Baby, everybody loves some Sam Smith), Lauryn Hill, Brandy, and even K Michelle

Rachel Kerr is a true artist with so much potential within the industry.
I love her sing “Lover, Lover”
This is a British Singer and Entrepreneur. Music is her signature passion within love.
Audience “Can we Amen”
Give a woman some LOVE
Rachel Kerr is a pop British queen within MUSIC

Alright, so let’s dig into her success

She is the Ceo and Founder of a Performing Arts Company named Singercise. The Academy “Singercise” is based on vocal coaching and training.

Her website

Her works is incredible, and she styles the world upon many graces. Within music, she gives an edge upon Gospel Music and Creativity. This woman is a natural example of creativity and pop Caribbean roots upon music innovation.

Ladies and Gentlemen
Can a sister, get an AMEN

Her website has so much information about her success, music, and works. She has met so many famous people within the music industry. She has worked with artist such as K Michelle, Brand, and yes even Beyoncé.

Check out her music
Her spice is upon flavor and grace.

At a young age, she had a passion for Gospel music and showed her endurance along the way. She worked her way up within a ladder of the industry and gave much potential as to start her own Journey. She went above and beyond; she took every step as to combine her strength within Music.
Her family had the roots within the Gospel Music.
At a young age, Rachel Kerr started playing the violin and improved along the way. As a way as to reach her potential within music. Rachel decided to start dance and gain lessons within training.
She attended the Performing Arts Academy Blue Coat Comprehensive School and started to study GCSE. Within her years of school, she started to enter talent shows and competition.
Rachel was determined to make a statement within Music.

At the age of 15 years old, her big break was in a talent competition called Stars in Their Eyes.
She earned her first International Songwritting Award
She was invited to come on tour with many famous Gospel Singers

This woman is a true potential artist that has a lot of taste within Music. She has experience, networks, and opportunities.

A Music Legend within The Music Industry.

A List of Resources







Apple Music:

This woman is a true artist and a true genius within the soul of music.



“Plain and simple, this woman’s high-powered voice, coupled with her gift to inspire others, makes her untouchable.” (Singersroom)

“Rachel is a certified star, one who has dazzled fanatics alongside music icons…The UK-BORN songstress Rachel Kerr is fast becoming a household name among music lovers. With dulcet tones, Rachel fuses the genres of contemporary R’n’B and gospel, forging a unique standard within the musical sphere. And the world is watching intently, as demand for the Birmingham creative continues to rapidly grow…” (The Voice Newspaper)

In a … scene dominated by hip hop and urban artists; singer Rachel Kerr stands out like a shining star.’ (Keep the Faith Magazine)

Rachel Kerr “Alive”

Rachel Kerr “Lover, Lover”

Transformation Period, Battling The Worst, Towards My Bright Future


This story is a transformative period between my bad memories leading me towards good changing opportunities that made me a stronger woman.

I write the story to inspire an artist to never stop believing in their dreams and to aspire themselves to be greater than what life expects. I went through a rough road, but sometimes situations can disrupt our path. This is only part of the story, but I plan to write a book that illustrates my life within the process. I plan to illustrate a book that gives people a perspective of who Charm Rose Brand, how she combatted situations, and how she used her experience to step out of the darkness and find a better chapter that’s more bright. All of that will be indicated in the book I am writing.


Every woman deserves to dream,

Every woman deserves to explore.

I don’t hide behind a bucket of tears, I don’t hide behind a bucket of misery.

But in life, we only have one chance to explore ourselves, to explore our potential and not be diminished by what people think.

I transform my image for a reason, I transform my purpose for a message.

Dealing with depression, and hits of the tragedy was a dark world that traumatized me along the way.

I couldn’t think, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t feel anything.

I couldn’t imagine life as a one-stop dream, I couldn’t imagine memories as a gift.

I’m not gonna hide behind a face of beauty, and not understand myself.

For 10 years, I was lost, I was devastated, and given open wounds that I couldn’t handle.

So, I shaved my hair for a reason, so I shaved my hair for a purpose.

Within society, my hair became the target and attention.

Every time I wanted to speak; nobody would listen.

Every time I wanted to spend time; nobody would care.

I kept thinking of what I did, to be left in the shadows.

I was bullied and humiliated. I didn’t feel like a group of people who I believed were my friends would ever care about the person I am becoming. I was a target of a vicious and childish game of torture within the friendship.

Within this period, I cried and distance myself from the world I was living in. I lock myself in my room for a couple of months and didn’t want to be around anybody. I had a dark web within my guts, I had a dark web within my heart. All I thought about was thinking about what I could do to win this war. I didn’t want those groups of people in my life, I didn’t want those groups of people to ever be part of who I am.

So, the best solution was to walk away and discover my identity. I went through so many emotions, I went through so many hours of being painfully heartbroken.

Last year in 2018 became the most horrific moment of my life. I was being targeted upon my condition; I was being mock in Infront of students. I was being called out by ex-friends who didn’t love me as a person. Within the period, I almost attempted suicide and went into a deep depression that almost ended my life. Even though, I battled 6 health problems that were not easy within my own life.

Within my depression, I was nothing. I didn’t feel beautiful and felt damaged with all the hairs that reminded me of what happened. I couldn’t look in the mirror and see the woman in Infront of me. I couldn’t focus on my job, nor myself. Because all I thought about was the events that made me breakdown to the floor and cry.

When I would come to school, I felt like the whole world was against me. I couldn’t focus on the books; I couldn’t focus on my education. I couldn’t focus on anything than thinking about those people who led me to that point.

My friends and family would remind me of how beautiful I am. But I didn’t see it.

Within the back of mind, I kept thinking about


I will never forget what happened, I will never forget what type of pain I experience. But what I do know is that I’m learning how to combat the dark forces and find a light at the end of the tunnel.

As a moment of happiness, attending the Jonas Brothers Concert in 2019 was the most loving experience of my life as a human. Watching my childhood idols and being able to gain love within an audience.

This became a fanatic moment.

In 2019, I met somebody, and I knew in my heart that he could be the one. But the events and situations were too much to handle. Because I got humiliated again by another party that wanted to put my public information online.

I may be crazy to write this, I may be weird upon revealing the truth. But I was physically and emotionally damaged. I was heartbroken and made a fool by people I trust.

Transforming my life became a changing point to erase the past and step into the future. It became a moment to find happiness. Many events led me to the reason for shaving my hair, many events led me to the reason for shaving my past.

When the barber shaved my hair, all those horrific memories were disappearing. All those horrific memories were vanishing in total sympathy.

The minute I viewed myself in the mirror, I felt empowered and brave to combat what was tearing me down. I felt a boost of energy, I felt a boost of love.

Shaving my hair allowed me to be confident within my skin. Shaving my hair allowed me to rethink my future towards a new direction.

Even though I battled the worst, this transformation saved me from a world I was about to enter and never crawl out.

Many times, I thank god for a solution, many times I thank god for giving me my wings to fight and be brave.

Many times, I thank god for spurring the haters away.

I can follow my dreams; I can follow my purpose and determination.

I don’t need to be afraid of the world, I don’t need to be afraid of love.

Shaving my hair, attending a childhood concert, leaving the job that wasn’t my point of happiness, ending friendships with toxic people, battling 6 conditions that are a struggling, surviving situation of death within my memories, battling 10 years of trauma and trying to breakthrough.

So much has happened within my life, I can’t imagine.

But the benefits

Attending a community college and graduating with my Liberal Arts Associates, attending a University and working towards graduating in 2021 with my degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Working hard towards getting into my dream school and following a plan to get my Music Business Bachelors and Masters. Working hard to work with Sony’s Music Entertainment, Warner’s Brothers Music, or Live Nation.

Working hard towards expanding my Brand and working on developing two companies within the world of music. Working on developing a line of books within Music and Textbooks.

Working towards gaining a career as an Artist Management and Administrative Assistant. Maybe someday, share a life with somebody and start a family.

Inspiring artists to follow their dreams and developing their potential. That’s my field of passion, I take steps to discover myself. Because I want to be a leader for other people. I want to be an influencer and be able to develop a world of music that has much respect within the community.

I tell my story for a reason, I don’t wanna hide who I am as a creative entrepreneur. I don’t want to hide who I am as an artist. Telling my story is a big step, Telling my story is a big turning point.

But I hope this story shows people a true potential side of Charm Rose Brand and what she had to do to find her true identity within the music.

I never want to allow my past to disrupt my passion for the artist and their movement. I want my life to be a legacy within the music.



As a woman, I have big dreams and a big focus upon where I wanna be. Shaving my head was a turning point and I love everything about this experience. I don’t understand why these bad events happened. But within those 10 years, good things happen as well. I don’t regret my success. But I do regret upon allowing those groups of people to bring me down.

But I win the war, I win the gain of experiencing life from another view.

This is my story and I am a brave woman for starting a new chapter of my life.

Charm Rose Brand

Jonas Brothers Concert Experience 2019


Jonas Brother Concert Experience 2019

Jonas Brothers

Song “Human”

Concert 2019

The greatest experience is finding yourself, finding your ability to be proud, to be brave, to be strong.

The Jonas Brothers experience concert was my key to happiness and a new chapter of love. From the day I was born, I grew up watching The Jonas Brothers. I grew up with their music, and just dancing to the beat.

For so long, I have been wanting to attend a concert. I have been wanting to just less loose, and be a string within the crowd of people.

After 10 years, The Jonas Brothers come back, and I can’t be more excited. Everything about it was an energy thrill. It felt like a strike of Red Bull that would collapse within your veins.

The concert was amazing and spectacular. The Jonas Brothers sang songs that included: SOS, Year 3000s, Mandy, Hold on, Lovebug, Burning up, Human, Gotta Find You, Cake By The Ocean, Jealous, Video Girl, and more.

The opening artist was Bebe Rexha, and Jordan McGraw (Dr. Phil’s Son)

They were amazing and rock the stage to a full extent.

The crowd’s reaction was unbelievable. People knew the lyrics by hearts and sang with the artist full on.

I loved Jordan McGraw’s performance, something about him had a type of undeniable spark. This man had a fire within his skin and gave the audience a type of edge within the music.

Within every performance, I cried, laugh, and sang. I couldn’t believe I was at this moment.

This moment became my energy kill in every way. I loved the songs, the laughter, the stream of fire, and so much more.

During the performances, Bebe Rexha decided to twerk on stage and bring a fan as to dance with her. The fan was crazy, decided to dance with Bebe. He was amazing, and shake his booty to a full extent.

If I could turn back time, I would turn it a thousand times just to watch The Jonas Brothers again.

Its an experience I will never forget.

Within seating, I and my cousin were on the 2nd balcony in row 8. The seating was so high, and a good view of the concert. I saw every angle, and vision within the performances. People literally got up and took photos. They would get up, and dance to every extent possible.

After the concert, I notice there were a couple of guys selling the Jonas Brothers t-shirt for 20 bucks. I only had 5 and wanted a t-shirt. The guy obnoxiously got all defensive, it was all good. He had t-shirts inside his clothing and down his pants. Yeah, I’m going to pass and buy it on Amazon.

During the concert, I notice something interesting at that moment. The Jonas Brothers had a book named “Blood” that recalled the journey of their life. I am planning on buying the book. I already knew how their life started.

Blood: A Memoir by the Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers grew up in a small town called “New Jersey” with a family that owned a church. Their father was a pastor, and the mother was always supportive. They loved their kids very much, and always supported their dreams.

The Jonas Brother

Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Joes Jonas, and the youngest Frankie Jones.

The reason why this concert was so special to me.

Nick Jonas has type 1 and 2 diabetes. I am somebody who lives with type 2 diabetes, and 5 other health problems. To watch a musician like him within that stage was much of a dream of happiness running thru my skin. I admired this man so much, he inspires me in every way to keep living. Even though, I have it. His performance was dedicated toward diabetes, “A Little Bit Longer”. This song drove me down to tears because it shows that you can live longer. Even though, you suffer from a deadly condition that’s life-threatening. The lesson learned: take care of yourself and always manage your diabetes. Nick Jonas made the statement fully clear, truly embrace the hearts of every people living with Diabetes.

This man is my hero, and I thank my family for allowing me to attend this concert. I went through so many emotions it’s crazy. But every moment of what I spent on money was definitely worth it within the end.

The song “Little bit Longer” Copyrights of Nick Jonas

A Little Bit Longer

Jonas Brothers

Got the news today

Doctors said I had to stay

A little bit longer and I’ll be fine

When I thought it’d all been done

When I thought it’d all been said

A little bit longer and I’ll be fine

But you don’t know what you got till it’s gone

And you don’t know what it’s like to feel so low

And every time you smile, you laugh, you glow

You don’t even know, know, know

You don’t even know

All this time goes by

Still, no reason why

A little bit longer and I’ll be fine

Waiting on a cure

But none of them are sure

A little bit longer and I’ll be fine

But you don’t know what you got till it’s gone

And you don’t know what it’s like to feel so low

And every time you smile, you laugh, you glow

You don’t even know, know, know

You don’t even know, know, know

You don’t even know, know, know


But you don’t what you got till it’s gone,

And you don’t know what it’s like to feel so low, yeah

And every time you smile, you laugh, you glow

You don’t even know! yeah, oh, yeah, ohhh, yeah, yeah

You don’t even know! know, know!

So I’ll wait till kingdom come

All the highs and lows are gone

A little bit longer and I’ll be fine

I’ll be, fine

Everything about this concert was my eye-opening reason to attend. I quit my job at Walmart month before, because I wanted one night of happiness, and away from the life I lived. I wasn’t happy at my job at Walmart. Because there was somebody who made my work life complicated. I wanted to be away from her in every way.

Walmart wouldn’t allow me to attend the concert. They wouldn’t allow me to have that one day off. So a couple months before I gave in my two weeks’ notice, and left this job in a heartbeat.

All I wanted was to attend the Jonas Brother Concert and I am glad that I was a person with love within the audience to support the three men I love most within the music.

My message to the Jonas Brothers

You are my inspiration to live and to be brave. Thank You for fulfilling my heart with so much joy and encouragement. You guys rock that stage and relived the moment in everyone’s eyes.



Jonas Brothers Concert 2019

Ever since I was a young girl, I been dreaming of the day to finally watch The Jonas Brothers Concert. Experiencing this opportunity felt like a blessing. I made a risky decision and being honest I am so proud of what I did. I resigned from my retail job because the day this concert happened I was scheduled to work. Working at that company, I wasn’t allowed to attend. So I resigned month before because all I dreamed about was finally experiencing this one moment that could finally open my eyes within the passion of music.
This night I cried, I laugh, I sang with passion to the lyrics.
The greatest part about finding yourself is finding what really makes you happy.
To experience a moment of love and rocking music was the best night I will never forget.
I wasn’t happy at my job in that place, but I needed to attend this concert for all the right reasons.
Dont judge me upon my choice, in my heart I made the right choice.
#LoveJonasBrothers 🎶🎵🎶

Artist Spotlight #1 HAAWW’S

Music Spotlight #1

Artist Music Promotion


“Every Beat is a sonographic rhythm, that shower’s our skin with glory”

Ladies & Gentlemen

An African American Singer and Songwriter



Story of HAAWW’S

The story is an inspired format, the music is banging upon every step, beat, and measure.

HAAWWS is an inspiring Singer/Songwriter

He grew up within the center of a beat upon music and its scenery. As a child, he knew exactly what he wanted to be, he knew exactly where he wanted to go.

The world view was more of an adventure and a built-in story upon his views within the music.

As a child, he started playing drums and got caught up within the studio. He dances moreso stepping.

Any opportunity within music became a gateway of what’s next. An opportunity to rap, an opportunity to show the world who you are as an artist.

He broke out and took a risk upon a brighter future. He never stops believing in his music. He never stops believing in his ability to take a leap of faith.

Since the budget was tight, affording a session became a challenge. So, he took advantage of using his skills as a marketing effect. During school, he freestyled within the cafeteria as a rapper and an artist.

People became his following; people applauded his work. He was the artist of the century within skills, movement, and a fine coordination.

By the time he was able to afford a session, he was able to rap a couple of songs.

“Flava In Your Ear” by Craig Mack

“Quiet Storm” by Mobb Deep

Writing, and composing lyrics became his calling within the scene of music.

Music Evolution

Album – Colors

Song “Dancehall”


The Song Dancehall, an upbeat movement, a rhythmic effect, and a body shaking within the night scene.

The Song “Dancehall” is an inspiration and movement within the Caribbean Culture, a wide impact within the greater Boston area upon music, and the nightlife era. Within the song, he uses the cultures within his life to create a better effect within the music scene.

HAAWWS uses the culture and sound within the song “Dancehall”

Contribution of Artist

Boston natives Star Gyal & Official Y.D.A.

My Feedback

The song has a great beat within its style and shows the passion as a musician within an African movement. I love everything about this song, and I would recommend it.



Within the website

HAAWWS introduces his biography, his music, and his history

If you would love to know more

Check out his works



What is your life story within music and how did you evolve as an artist?

I started music at a very young age playing the drums, frequenting different dance studios, being engulfed in the music scene. From family in the business to just being a fan, I’ve always had an inclination that id do music, but I never knew for sure this is what I wanted to do until around 2015. It still wasn’t until

2017 that I started to jump into the recording process. Before then I would frequent different studios, trying to get a session whenever I could with the little budget I had. But nothing good would ever come of it. It took me time to really develop my skills from just freestyling in the lunchroom to being able to deliver properly in the booth. It’s funny, I remember one of my first sessions with my partner Jeff I rapped over 2 classic instrumentals “Flava In Ya Ear” by Craig Mack Rest in Peace, and the go-to for any freestyle session “Quiet Storm” by Mobb Deep. Neither tracks were good lol. I also met Leo (@leomixedit) that day, and even though sonically it didn’t turn out how I imagined, I never gave up on the dream of getting back in and making something new and fresh. Running into obstacles like having very little to no money for studio time, or even a ride to the studio. For months to a year, I would wait and imagine what we’d call a “big homie” or “OG” to be like “yeah I F**k with you, come to my studio lets work” and unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Not here in Boston. I’m very appreciative of that struggle to find a creative space because it allowed me to obtain some very valuable information and relationships along the way.

What inspired you as an artist?

The freedom to express how I feel unapologetically is what inspires me, the creative process, the long nights in the studio, the ups, and downs that come with being independent. The constant denial and approval you receive from family and friends. The fact connects with people across the globe. The struggle to get people to understand why it is you do what you do and how you do it.

What advice do you have for another artist?

Be your true self in all forms, it translates better. I realized that people have always took a liking to me for always being in my rawest form, from good to bad, they always knew I was authentic and that they weren’t going to get any more or less. “Stop Trying To Be GOD” lol as out there as it might sound, I know people who are artists and try to play savior to their friends by trying to get them to be onboard or understanding of what they (the artist) are/is trying to accomplish. It’s always the closest to us that never understands. They’re never going to understand! It’s art! No one really does, we just say we do. It’s on us as artists to take control over our destiny and design our paths how we want. Friends not feeling it. Branch out! Because someone out there will. 7.4 billion people on this earth, streaming lets you touch them all. Doesn’t mean I condone everything being created these days if its trash leaves it on the hard drive lol. It’s up to us to choose our narratives.

Charms Words

Every artist has a chance to shine, and to follow their passion along the way. The greatest impact we can obtain is to never give up on our dreams, nor our ambition. Every artist has a mission, every artist has a path.

HAAWWS work hard for his dream and embrace the culture within himself. Rise up and let your voice be heard.

Charm Rose Brand

Music Promotion

Copyrights by HAAWWS



Blog Post The Music Industry

man playing piano outdoor during sunset

World of Talent

The Music Industry

The world industry, a dramatic stage, a living moment, a dream that’s unspeakable to the world itself. As a musician, we form our voice as to succeed, and always challenge ourselves as to never give up.

The greatest gift about being a musician, never allowing life to break your barriers. Never allowing the despise of competition to break who you are.

Within the Music Industry, we must develop a mindset, we must develop a sense of intelligence within the rhythmic soul.

That’s what the world of talent represents

Always achieve, never forget

As an Artist, you will face many challenges and opportunities within the Music Industry. Some element would include studio, preparations, training, experience, product development, and others.

But the greatest development as an artist always invests in yourself.

Stop Thinking about Money

Stop Thinking about Enemies

Stop Thinking about Negativity

God gave you a gift, God gave you a chance to find a better light.

Do you think it’s easy to break into the Music Industry?

The Music Industry is a competitive field and a tough market. The sense of money becomes their main target, as well as product development, and marketing within an artist.

As an artist, you have to focus on your brand, and where you wanna go. You have to focus on your style, and what message would you wanna bring out to the world. You have to take control, and give yourself credit for making something a bit more artistic within an album.

You have the knowledge, You have the skills, You have the experience. That’s the greatest part about developing your musical skills, always enhance what makes you unique, and voraciously amazing.

Forget about the pressure, Forget about the stress, Forget about the fear.

When you leap into that stage, don’t allow fear to diminish you. Don’t allow words to frighten you. Move across that stage, move your body as if it were your last moment.

A great example would include the movie “Footloose” and “Dirty Dancing”

The greatest example within the movie Footloose and Dirty Dancing

Blasting the music, and just hitting the stage. Dancing Infront of a crowd, dancing Infront of a car. These two movies represent a wide generation within the style of music.

If you are a 90s kid, you probably recognized these types of artist: Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Salt and Peppa, TLC, and others.

So what do they have in common?

They all have a passion for music, they all work hard and showed their potential. But most importantly, they challenge themselves and became a hit wonder.

As a musician, we must follow our hearts, and never forget what’s ahead. Its all about duration within every risk. But sometimes, risk can be a good thing, it allows you to open your mind and create something different.

In life, you have to be creative, and stand out from the world itself. Why would you want to create the same content? Why would you want to be like somebody else?

Within the Music Industry, you have to find your brand, you have to find your own style. You have to create your own lyrics and instrumental beat.

Discovering yourself along the way, that’s the greatest key.

Within my direction, I never had any experience within the Music Industry. But each day, I live and breathe music as a gift. But each day, I live and learn the essentials as a progression.

We all have to learn something, and never forget the real value of discovering your potential.

As a child, I develop myself from a young age, and self-taught myself the essentials within the Music Industry. Some topics would include: Music Theory, Music Production, Singing, Dancing, Artistic Contribution, and others.

I would audition for shows, open mics, talent shows, and others. But nobody ever believed in me, they never believed I had what it took.

Laugh in my face, and walk away.

But even though, I had people who manipulated me within feelings, and passion. I never gave up and kept pushing. I always believed in breaking barriers, and just taking a risk. I always believed in combating the greatest dreams.

As an artist, don’t go down the same path I did. At 28 years old, I’m restarting my life and pursuing my dreams. But I’m not gonna give up, I’m gonna keep pushing now.

Take action, and live your dreams. It doesn’t matter what age you are, It doesn’t matter what level you are. But as an artist, you have to listen to your own heart, and follow the greatest voice.

Listen to your voice, and the doors will finally open.

Within the World of Music.

Challenge Section

As a mission, I challenge you to write a song and think about a positive message. Think about the meaning, think about the inspiration, and how it would apply within your own life story.

Perform the song, and even email it to me at

If you want feedback, I would be glad to listen to it and email you back my response.

The key lessons I would advise as a musician

Keep a commitment towards your skills, knowledge, and education.

Gain experience within the Music Industry.

Network and develop a portfolio

Prepare and craft your skills within the stage itself.

Learn an instrument, and practice every day.


Battle your strength, and you will combat the artist within you. Battle your desire, and you will combat the voice that strives within you.

Fear Combat

Strive the fear that’s within you, Strive the desire to find light and showcase the greatest key. Everybody fears that one moment, Everybody fears that one wish.

But everybody fears what comes ahead.

Within the Music Industry, don’t be afraid and lose your grip. Just keep going, Just keep taking action. Never fear the strength, never fear the glory.

A dream is a dream if you make it happen. A dream is a dream if you make it possible.

World of Music is all about finding yourself.

Leap of Faith

Charm Rose Brand

Please support a friend of mines James Preston

Clayton Steininger (Music Industry Special Edition)

Blog Post

If you would love to know more about

Clayton Steininger

The Business is called Steininger Guitar & Music

The Website

Carlos & Alejandra

Clayton’s World of Music

Within the World of Music, every artist has a story, Every artist has a direction. But for Clayton, the world of creativity is most likely a musical direction.

Music evolves our sense of passion within every duration life can give. Some elements would include a guitar, a piano, cultures, musical notes, and so much more.

The opportunity to meet Clayton was an amazing experience I will never forget, and I was so inspired by his story, his experience, and his culture. He showed me a world that I didn’t think could exist, but he gave me a sense of passion to always believe in my dreams.

So one day, I decided to contact Clayton and book an interview for my blog. I was nervous, it was my first opportunity to work on a piece within the Music Industry. I wanted to make a blog that was designed for Clayton as a free version of an article. I decided not to charge, that experience was worth every cent.

So, I called Clayton within that evening, and I was a bit nervous to respond. Clayton pick up the phone, and we started chatting about the interview. I started to babble a bit about my company. Clayton made the conversation easy; he asks me question’s and gave me a bit of helpful insight. He’s a total expert upon the style of communication and business.

So as we started to talk, I felt more comfortable explaining my purpose upon calling, and my business idea. Clayton understood and gave me the opportunity to interview him for an article within my blog.

Since the studio was at Clayton’s house, I decided to bring a friend who is creative as well. She loves the experience and everything about it.

That evening we met Clayton at his house, and his business was amazing upon the culture of music. He had everything set up and within a specific structure. Within that time frame, he was giving a student a piano lesson. So I and my friend decided to wait in the living room.

Across the room, I notice a guitar and a beautiful painting. Within my mind, Clayton had a fascination with the Spanish culture and wanted to portray that effect within his business.

Clayton was an amazing person and filled with a spontaneous personality. He was warm and welcoming. His life was structured upon style, organization, and creativity.

When he finishes with the student, Clayton invited us into his studio, and I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. Some items would include a piano, music books, paintings, a loop sampler, and a recording device. Clayton had everything he needed to embrace a world of music within Spanish culture. He even had the book that caught my attention, the school I dreamed about for years. Clayton had a book named Berklee College of Music (but that topic will evolve later within the story).

Within the studio, Clayton decides to talk a bit about his music and how he transforms the knowledge within a device and an instrument. He taught me the process of teaching upon music, he taught me the techniques and strategies he uses while working with the kids.

He had so much knowledge as a musician and a guitarist. I was driven upon wanting to know more. He decides to play his guitar and jam to the music. He knows how to play the rhythmic notes and timing of the music. I and my friend were out blown, I felt as if I was at an actual concert hearing the band “KISS”. Clayton’s style would most likely include Jazz Rock Funk Fusion.

The man knew how to give a good show, he knew how to expand his creative knowledge upon a whole new level of desire and entertainment.

While conducting the interview, Clayton talks about the process of teaching his students within the style of music.

Within teaching, Clayton would use an instrument and device to match up the notes when teaching a student how to play music.

He used a technique called repetition, a step by step process when teaching music. The phrase “Repetition” is where sounds and sequences within sheet music are repeated within the notes.

For Example

“Playing a piano piece and practicing the notes as you play”

You must practice over and over until the music is matched up against the sheet of music.

Another technique he uses is a method known as a “Musical Phrase” where a combination of notes is formed within the melodies.

For Example

“Structure of Music upon sounds and rhythm within the notes”

Weak or Strong feel within the notes and its form.

As we were jamming to the music, I mentioned to Clayton about my memory loss and how I needed a recorder as to remember what the person says. Clayton understood and told me that a lot of people struggle with memory loss. He told me that it takes time within music and that you just have to practice as to learn the notes.

Within that moment, Clayton mentioned the movie “The Matrix”, and how it shows a fine example within the music. I was confused but decided to listen to Clayton’s theory.

He used the movie “The Matrix” to combine music and technology. It was fascinating and a great insight upon teaching.

Within teaching, he uses a level base structure depending on the student’s experience. Some structures would include beginners, intermediate, or advance. He would choose a piece of music that would fit their expectations and style.

Within the studio, Clayton has a line of equipment set up and wanted to show me its functions. Some devices would include the loop sampler, the guitar, and other devices. He showed me the loop sampler which helps him listen to the notes, and even freeze the music when teaching.

A “Loop Sampler” is a sample of a sound recording in another recording. Samples may include areas such as Rhythm, Melody, and even Speech within the music.

Within a Loop Sampler, Clayton freezes the notes as to follow along when playing. He knows how to play the notes while listening to the correct melody, and ear training.

Within the skill such as “Ear Training,” it’s basically a way of giving musicians the opportunity to identify notes as a method of hearing pitches, intervals, melody, chords, rhythms, and other basic elements within the music.

It was an amazing experience within the World of Clayton and his music. He brought a sense of passion and entertainment upon the culture.

After the studio, Clayton decides to bring us into his recording studio as to continue the interview. He explains more about his devices, and what he does upon services. It’s amazing what this guy can do.

During the interview, Clayton decides to tell us a bit about his life, and how he transformed into an artist. He had a long story, but I was eager to listen and experience his world. My friend loved the experience and she was impressed by his interpretation of music.

Clay Life Story

Claytons life story began when he was 7 years old, he started taking piano classes and studying the elements within it.

He works hard and joined bands in high school throughout the years, some bands would include Yetti Express, Zeek Martin and others.

In 1996, he attends the University of MN Twin Cities (majoring in philosophy and minoring in World Religion) with a GPA of 3.3

In 1998, he attended Berklee College of Music and only completed 3 semesters. Within that time frame, he hurt his hand and decided to leave school. He spent 6 years out of music, but even though he experiences that situation. Clayton kept fighting for better opportunities.

That’s when he decided to start teaching and got a job in 1998 as a substitute teacher at Cambridge Public School.

He taught full time at Central Catholic High School from 1998 to 2004. He taught courses such as theology, philosophy, history, and bands.

After leaving Central Catholic High School, Clayton decided to open his own business.

In 2004, he opened his own private music school called Steininger Guitar & Music. While teaching part-time at the Guitar Garage.

Another opportunity, Clayton gained was working as a tutor for one year with Varsity Tutor as to teach Spanish, history, and English. He taught for one year as to work with the website as an online music teacher

He works with Spanish music groups and went on tour within Latin America`s countries.

Some of his recognition would include

2002, he got awarded “Who’s, Who of America’s Teacher”

2003, he got awarded “Who’s Who of America’s Teacher”

Experience & Culture


Within Claytons lifetime, he surrounded himself with opportunities that would change his life.

Some opportunities would include working as a lead guitarist and band director for an international recording artist that scored number one hits upon the Latin Tropical Billboard charts. This would include concert tours, domestic and international.

Some artist would include Carlos & Alejandra with a hit song such as Cafecito, and Cuanto Duele.

Clayton and a group of artists collaborated upon the Cuanto Duele. Clayton did the guitar arrangement.

Clayton use to work with Dominic Martin, but no longer works with him. He was the guitar player and band director. Clayton owns and operates an independent record label (Crixillion Records) as well as recording studios which serves Spanish language clients.

He managed a commercial recording artist.

He speaks Spanish and works in a multi-cultural environment.

He studies a high language proficiency

Within his career, Clayton has earned a lot of opportunities as an artist and musician.

Upon Culture

As a musician, Clayton was in love with the Spanish culture and made it his purpose for it to be part of his life. It all started with a beautiful lady and a culture upon Spanish clubs. He met a Dominican woman and fell in love. He started learning Spanish, music, and the environment within Latin groups.

That’s when he went to clubs and booked gigs. He would travel from his house to Boston nonstop as to book gigs with a local artist.

His fascination was being in love with the beauty and what the world would provide inspiration.

Interest & Favorites

Within the recording studio, Clayton had a couple of pictured hanged on his wall. He had the symbolic sign of the famous artist “Prince”. He had the artwork of the artist Stevie Ray Vaughan.

He admired people such as Jimi Hendrix and Beethoven. He admires people who teach in music and people who work hard.

A tragic story

Stevie Ray Vaughan was a musician and died at the age of 35. Clayton met him and knew him only 2 days before he died in a helicopter crash.


During the interview process, Clayton was a funny and entertaining person. He knew how to be funny and fill the room with joy. He had jokes and funny stories that were too hilarious. But it was a great experience to interview an amazing artist.

Claytons Personality, Experience, & Business

  • Professional Musician
  • Experience Guitarist & Recording Artist
  • Fun and Entertaining
  • Worked with artist and famous group
  • An amazing and adventurous life story upon music
  • An amazing teacher

Sharing Interest

The greatest part about the interview was sharing interest upon the music. I was memorized and fascinated with the experience upon his life. I was inspired and felt connected upon the music. The best part about the interview was showing him my talent by allowing Clayton to hear my singing. He gave me some great tips and insight on how to evolve as an artist.

Viewing somebody’s world within the industry and being able to book an interview with a man who had experience working with celebrities. He truly defines the top leader within the world of music upon his brand.

The Interview

  1. What is your story as an artist and a musician?

Berklee College of Music (3 semesters) & Hurt hand and out of music for 6 years.

Piano (7 years of age)

Played in Bands in High School

2004 Central Catholic, started teaching and a musician

Learned the guitar and piano

Worked with Artist

  1. What is your music background?

Claytons life story began when he was 7 years old, he started taking piano classes and studying the elements within it.

He works hard and joined bands in high school throughout the years, some bands would include Yetti Express, Zeek Martin and others.

In 1996, he attended the University of MN Twin Cities (majoring in philosophy and minoring in World Religion) with a GPA of 3.3

In 1998, he attended Berklee College of Music and only completed 3 semesters. Within that time frame, he hurt his hand and decided to leave school. He spent 6 years out of music, but even though he experiences that situation. Clayton kept fighting for better opportunities.

That’s when he decided to start teaching and got a job in 1998 as a substitute teacher at Cambridge Public School.

He taught full time at Central Catholic High School from 1998 to 2004. He taught courses such as theology, philosophy, history, and bands.

After leaving Central Catholic High School, Clayton decided to open his own business.

In 2004, he opened his own private music school called Steininger Guitar & Music. While teaching part-time at the Guitar Garage.

Another opportunity, Clayton gained was working as a tutor for one year with Varsity Tutor as to teach Spanish, history, and English. He taught for one year as to work with the website as an online music teacher

He works with Spanish music groups and went on tour within Latin America`s countries.

Some of his recognition would include

2002, he got awarded “Who’s, Who of America’s Teacher”

2003, he got awarded “Who’s Who of America’s Teacher”

  1. What is the greatest impact that has changed you as an artist?

Lover of beauty within inspiration and the Spanish culture

  1. Why did you start your own business and what is your mission?

Lover of music

Tough Industry

Connecting with artist and making peoples dreams come true.

Played in Rome, Maples, Spain, Switzerland, Argentina

  1. What are the key lessons in music?


  1. What is your education background and how did it develop you as an artist?

In 1996, he attended the University of MN Twin Cities (majoring in philosophy and minoring in World Religion) with a GPA of 3.3

In 1998, he attended Berklee College of Music and only completed 3 semesters.

  1. Tell me about your experience while working with clients?

Connecting with clients

  1. What inspired you within the road of music and what item did you have as a tool to keep you motivated?


  1. What advice would you give to an artist or somebody who’s working hard towards the dream?

Work Hard

Teacher, find people who will benefit and be honest

  1. Who is your role model and how did they influence you to follow your passion?

Admire people who work hard

Teacher in music

Jimi Hendrix

Prince (Purple)

Stevie Ray Vaughan


If you would love to know more about

Clayton Steininger

The Business is called Steininger Guitar & Music

The Website

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