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I am a woman upon love and desire, I am a woman who believes life is given a second chance. I may have been judged, humiliated, rejected or even been an outcast. But I am not afraid to be the woman I am today, I am not afraid to be beautiful, talent and spontaneous. I went thru a struggle growing up, battled 6 health problems every day, outcast my whole life and never given a chance to be happy.

But God gave me a gift, I was giving a singing voice and a message to follow my dreams. I was given a path to inspire people to dream better in this world. I’m working on a company upon talent and business. I am working on a high intelligence operation and I am planning on releasing this company in two years.

I am so tired of hiding my identity, I am so tired of hiding myself from society. People would always make fun of me. They would make fun of my height and compare me to other people. I am so tired of holding to the past and not embracing my future. I am a woman with a mission to inspire and motivate people within the talent industry.

I may have been a reject, People may have pushed me to the side. But I’m not hiding anymore, I’m going to battle this world and mark my name upon life itself. You can make rumors about me, You can make fun of me, You can say whatever you want. But this is officially my life.

So for the next two years, I will work hard on my career, education, and company. I will work hard to build my high intelligence company, I’m starting this journey and I’m ready to challenge myself as a creative entrepreneur. I’m ready to live in a positive and loving world. I move forward and I don’t allow life to bring me down.

I wanna build this company because everybody deserves a chance at a second opportunity, I wanna build this company because dreamers deserve a voice. I don’t want people to follow the road I went down thru, I went thru a hard and painful impact my whole life. I want to inspire people and allow their creative burst to come alive. I want to give people a home, nurturing a love of dignity and hope. People deserve a chance to be happy, people deserve a chance to live their dreams. You can scream at me, you can call me pathetic, but I fight for the dreamers, I fight for the people who deserve to shine.

I wanna live as a creative legacy, I wanna live as a hero and an influence upon a symbol that dreams do happen. I may have been the reject my whole life, but I won’t allow failures, torment nor fear to hold me back.

I’ll admit, I had my heart out for a guy for many years, I gave him everything upon love. He was always there for me and never abandon me. I wanted to be the woman to make him happy. So I waited many years, I decided not to be, nor date any other guy, because I only wanted to be with him. Getting my heart broken after many years of waiting for him became my worst nightmare. People may judge me, ask themselves “why would you wait many years for him”

All I can say, I did it because that’s how much I loved him every day. I’m not afraid to fight for a dream, I’m not afraid to fight for love, I’m not to take a chance to be happy. I’m not afraid to have wasted those years waiting for him. But even though I committed my biggest mistake, I let him go and I move forward as to be happy. I move forward as to close the past and I move forward to give my heart to mr right who will someday love me for all the right reasons.

I don’t care about who judges me, I don’t care about who calls me a freak, I don’t care about who believes I’m a waste. I fight for the arts, I fight for a brighter future, I fight for the talent industry upon love itself. This company gave me my life back, anybody who struggles or needs a bit of motivation. I will tell my story, I will show myself as the true genuine person that I am. I am not afraid to publish my life story, I am not afraid to be loving, truthful and a great person to heart.

Creativity gave me an open door to live my life, creativity gave me an open door to be happy and positive, creativity gave me an open door to embrace the good things in life. I changed my life, I changed my image and I changed myself. I never wanna hide myself as a human, I never wanna hide myself as a creative artist.

I am a beautiful woman for a reason, I am a leader and an ambitious hero for life, I am a loving woman with a genuine heart. In my mind, that guy lost a good woman, that guy lost a good woman who’s willing to fight for others, that guy lost a woman who would of given him a bright future upon love itself. But at this point, I don’t care about him, I focus on myself and I focus on my future.

Charm Rose Brand and Charm Business Lady are my hero upon the liberal arts. Within their veins, I’m a living legend of creativity. I show people that talent and business is an innovated creation. So I follow my mission, I tell my story and I inspire others to be fearful and live like its no tomorrow.

This is my mark, this is my world, I tell my story as to create a new era of innovation. So as of today I mark myself in this world and I start building a new innovation upon talent itself. People may judge me upon my past and mistakes. People may humiliate me and call me a loser, People may spread rumors about me and not accept me.

But I wont give up upon creating a new world upon talent, I wont give up as to create a high intelligence company. I am a creative entrepreneur and spontaneous to follow my mission within an entrepreneurship journey.

If you would love to support me in my journey, then lets change this world as to innovate a brighter future. Lets innovate this world as to mark a new journey for the next generation. I would love people to support me on my journey as an entrepreneur and to follow my message upon creating a company that the talent industry has never seen before.

I will live as a living legend for all the right reason, I will live as a positive enforcer within the liberal arts. This is my mission and life commitment, this is my opportunity to embrace life as a challenge and not a mistake.

I am charmrosebrand

I am a Living Legend as to tell my story, I work hard my entire life and I never gave up as to fight back. I earned a Trophy as Musician of the year.

I may be inexperienced in the Talent Industry. But I have a voice, I have a talent and I will innovate my company within every angle. I am a hero for all the right reason

An Artist has a voice for a reason, An Artist thru time and love. I will inspire people and that is my goal

Fight for the Arts

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