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Favorite Memory


Growing up, we all have a special memory.  We all have moments, we would never wanna forget. We all have that stone that’s unforgettable. Sometimes, you gotta treasure as to never forget.

As a child, I had a dog named Lassie and she meant everything to me. My grandfather decided to give my family the dog. Apparently, my grandfather’s 2 pit bulls had a puppy. I remember the first time Lassie came to our house. She was in a cage and would bark constantly. My mother was not convinced as to allow a dog in our family. I and my sibling didn’t want to let her go.

So, we begged her to let lassie stay and my grandfather said, “she’s loving and caring, she won’t bite”. So, my mother was thinking whether or not to let Lassie stay. Lassie ran up to her and started kissing her, wagging her tail and barking. My mother soon decided to keep Lassie.

Lassie was fun loving, spontaneous and out of the bloom crazy. She was our protector and like a ticking alarm clock. Lassie would run around the house so many times, you couldn’t stop her. She would be silly and try to cuddle you as a sign of being hungry. Her favorite food was “Pedigree”.

My mother bought her several cans, Lassie would eat the whole plate in 5 minutes and beg for more. But the funniest memory, Lassie loved torturing my mother every time.

There were several funny moments back then about Lassie. My mother and stepfather would plant a tree filled with tiny plantains. I hate eating the large plantains, so I would always eat the small one. Plantains in Spanish means platano.  Every time, my mother would place the keys on top of the table and leave the room. Lassie would grab every key in the room and bury it underneath the tree of plantains. 

For weeks, my mother kept asking everybody in the neighborhood about the keys and how she can’t leave the house. Every time she would look at Lassie, she would wag her tail and start running around the house. My mother had a suspicion, so she decided to catch Lassie in the act. My mother left a pair of keys on the table, Lassie spots the keys and grabs it. She heads over to my tree of plantain and buries the keys in a hole.  My mother catches her and digs up the whole, Lassie buried 9 keys into the hole. Lassie runs off as soon as possible.

Another funny memory would include the mirror and my mom’s friend. My mom had a friend who was a woman, This woman was in her 60s and loved visiting our house. My dog didn’t like her, whenever my dog would look in the mirror and see the woman, she would bark and bark and bark as to tell the senior lady to leave. My mother would tell Lassie to stop barking at her, Lassie wouldn’t stop, she would bark so many times it alerted the neighborhood.

Lassie was our favorite dog and even during a robbery moment. I and my family were asleep, and Lassie was like a watchdog. A robber within the neighborhood decides to jump our fence and try to rob the house next door. Not realizing, our house had Lassie and two Pitbull’s within the other house. As the robber enters our yard, Lassie soon spots the robber and bites his ass. The robber tries to run away. But Lassie wouldn’t let go, she had the robber nailed down. The robber tries to jump the fence to the other house as the 2 pit bulls are barking louder.

My mother wasn’t present within that time frame. She and my stepfather went out for drinks along with my stepfathers brother. The Robber soon jumps the fence from where he came from and ended up being arrested. My mother, stepfather and his brother returned from the bar. The robber didn’t realize, my stepfather and his brother were both policemen. They gunned the robber down and took him to jail.

My dog Lassie was the hero that night, she saved people’s lives.

This is why I love my dog Lassie, she was strong, beautiful and a protector. She meant everything within my heart. Anytime I needed somebody, Lassie would be by my side and cuddle me with love. She wouldn’t let you go, she was an angel.

All of these events happened in the Dominican Republic

Some special memories about Lassie, I once converted the driveway into a place to watch movies. In the driveway, I would place the TV and a sofa outside. Every time I would watch movies like “Harry Potter”, Lassie would sit right next to me and watch the movies. Whenever I would come from school on the school bus, Lassie would always wait by the door and wag her tail as I arrived. My brother would give her a bath, Lassie would always shake herself whenever she was bathing in cold water. My sister would always play with her, Lassie had the funniest personality you could ever imagine.

But I remember one memory that was the greatest memory of all. One night, an unknown dog came to our house and knocked Lassie up. My mother would notice Lassies strange behavior and took her to the vet. Until the vet checked her out and said Lassies pregnant. For the past couple month, Lassies stomach would grow and soon enough she gives birth. Lassie gives birth to 12 puppies’. Lassie was a Pitbull and a golden retriever, she loves those puppies more than anything. My mother, the maid and the maid husband built a house in the corner of our yard for that the puppies can have a home. We all look after them and Lassie would cuddle them with love.

But one morning, Lassie played the meanest trick on my mother. While everybody was sleeping, Lassie decides to bang on my mother’s window. My mother would ignore her, but Lassie kept making noises and banging on her window. My mother came out and ask her “What’s wrong?”

Lassie runs the other way, my mother looks at the puppy’s and finds out they weren’t fed. Apparently, Lassie woke up my mother at 5:00 am to say, “Feed my children”. My mother screamed and fed the puppies.

The last memory, I went into her house and notice there were only 11 puppies’ when I knew she gave birth to 12 puppies’. I was suspicious, where is the last puppy. Well, I hear noise underneath the sheets and notice a puppy trap within the cover. I pull the puppy out of the sheets and she was healthy, but a troublemaker. That’s when I named the puppy Angel.

Throughout the years, Lassie would do anything to make you laugh and she knew how to put a smile on your face. She knew how to be a best friend and part of a family.

So as the years went by, my mother decided to sell the puppy’s because income was getting tight. Within a few years in their new environments, 11 puppies died and only 1 survived. Angel was the only puppy alive.

As we moved out of the house in the Dominican Republic, my family moved in with my grandparents and it was a smooth transition. Lassie was reunited with her parents and everything was going well.

Until tragedy happened. Part of my family moved back to the United States around that time. It was my turn to go back to the US. We had to leave Lassie behind because we couldn’t afford to bring a dog on the plane. So, she stayed with her parents and an annoying dog.

So, every summer I would visit her, and it was the best years of my life. But one spring while I was attending school in the US. I found out a disgusting and pure stupid robber broke into my grandparents’ house and poisoned Lassie.

Lassies passing away was a breaking point in my life and I cried for days. I never wanted to leave her side. I don’t know what type of person would do that to a dog, I don’t know what type of person, thinks they have the right to kill somebody’s dog. But they didn’t know Lassie as well I did. She would never hurt a soul, she believed in justice.

Lassies passing was heartbreaking, but I keep her memory alive every day and she’s my only best friend in this world.

Lassie will always be a Hero and a Lover in everyone’s eyes.

After her passing, I soon visit a free market and notice a fake dog staring at me. I ask the man “how much?”

The man said “.50$ cents I can give you for the dog, its been here for days”

I bought the dog and notice its features is the same as Lassie, every time I would hug this fake dog, memories of Lassie would start happening. Whenever I had the dog near my bed, Lassie`s spirit would always appear in my dreams. My mother knew, it looks like Lassie and gave me the .50 cents to buy the dog. I cry when I hold her, but Lassies spirits will always be in my heart. I never let her go, she was my best friend and no matter what people tell me, they don’t know the real Lassie-like I do.

“Best friends, Always and Forever”

RIP Lassie “I love you”


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