Creative World

Creative World

“Think about a World, that’s Young and Fresh. Think about a World, that’s unique and uncertain.”
Did you capture my essence?

A Creative World that’s very driven upon artistic works. Within this world, I would love to be creative upon topics that relate to the Music Industry. Within these articles, I will discuss my knowledge, and thoughts upon a World within the Music Industry.
Some Articles will include facts, interviews, sources, and others.
I will include a podcast and show you a world that’s different upon the expected view.
The Music Industry is a great place to recognize your talents and abilities.
A Creative World
Just For You
Charm Rose Brand

Creative World #1

The Essence of Performance

group of people attending a performance

Find yourself on a center of a stage, Find yourself upon creation and wage. Do you see the world as a vintage view, or do you see the world with clarity……

So many questions rises upon our souls as if light has turned us around….

Romeo and Juliet, such capture of what love defines.


In every beat, Performance is a rhythm that never stops. Do you strive upon a club, and just live the moment….

That’s the greatest key about performance, rocking yourself within a drum, or a base. That sweet melody of a voice, and the rising fame upon a wide audience.

We have all been to concerts, We have all been to stadiums, and even a free show.

Some famous, and living artists I could Announce….

Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Beyoncé (Sexy Diva), Maroon 5, Sam Hunt, Christina Aguilera, or even The Jonas Brothers

Within performance, they rock the stage…

Within performance, they rock the way…

This is my view of the world of performance….

As a performer, I always viewed the world differently, and it was more of an adventure in my life. But as an artist, you have to be stronger within yourself, you have to be wiser as to never allow fear to break you down.

The Music Industry is a tough market, but you have to be ready as to what comes next. Skills, knowledge, performance…

It’s more of an adventure, as to find your place as a performer.

Structures of Performance:

How do I prepare as I rise up on stage?

  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Memorize your songs, and your roles
  • Understand the dance coordination
  • Think about your brand, and representation
  • Be positive, and avoid negativity
  • Stage a character for your audience
  • Deliver the beat and movement across the stage
  • Think about your crowd, and what they expect
  • Drink lots of water
  • When rocking the stage as a musician, learn the notes, lyrics, harmonies, and melodies
  • Remember, it’s your night
  • Follow the band and the background beat

Good Luck

As a performer, you are the leader and the band coordination of what’s next. It’s your job to lead a good concert, a good show, and a good performance. Within your performance, you will have a crowd cheering your name, you will have a band as a follow up upon your music, you will have a stadium that’s expressive, and unique.

One night of glory

“Can you handle it?”

Just Remember

Don’t be nervous, Don’t panic…

I had experience upon performance within an open mic, Talent Shows, and a choir…

This is your night


Source – WikiHow

How to prepare your before a performance

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