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Podcast #1 Develop Your Skills

Welcome to Charm Rose Brand
Singers, Drummers, Pianist, and so much more.
Can we define life as a rhythmic blues? Can we swizzle to the beat and find life as a loose?

Developing your skills is an instant quality. Practicing, jamming,
I mean live it as a born rock star.
Everybody has their corners, everybody has their space.
Developing your skills is a masterpiece of who we are.

Some way’s that you can develop your skills
Practice every day, what should you practice?
Your singing, that piano that has been picking up dust in the corner of your room, the loud drums, that jazzy and skillest guitar. The lyrics that have been sitting on your table stand for 6 months.
Be creative and give it a shot.

If people think you’re loud, who cares?
Sing and jam out louder as to make your talent heard. Don’t be afraid to step out, just take a shot.
Find a training: private tutors, programs, seminars, competitions.
The more you develop your skills, the more you will improve, and be the next Elvis.
Develop your skills, and don’t hold back.
Charm Rose Brand